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The role of a sexual offence solicitor
25 Jan 2021

We welcome you to speak with us urgently if you find yourself accused of any kind of criminal offence. Our team specialise in different fields of law and one of them is dealing with crimes of a sexual nature, where a sexual offence solicitor can be your solution.

A wrongful accusation can be traumatic and far reaching, affecting family members, business ventures and friends. We understand that any accusations of this nature are highly sensitive and we work swiftly and with determination to ensure that the impact on your life is minimised as much as possible.

We urge you to talk with us as soon as possible after an allegation has been made for your own sake. Often we see that when an individual has legal advice and support from the beginning, the outcomes generally tend to be more advantageous to them.

Our role begins at the moment you get in touch with us and we work with you every step of the way, seeking alternative ways to consider your situation and sourcing valuable resources to support your case, whether it be gathering witness statements or obtaining camera footage or other data.

We will accompany you to the police station and advise you on what you are legally obliged to say or not say. We ensure that you are placed in the strongest position for the entirety of your case, using our vast experience and knowledge in these matters to help you shine the best possible light on your situation.

A sexual offence solicitor from our firm has worked with many different individuals and has been faced with numerous notable cases that you are free to investigate on our website. Our approach is always creative, firm yet flexible at a moment’s notice and confident. We allow you to speak in your own voice and know that it is heard.

Access to resources and professionals

By choosing a sexual offence solicitor, you are carrying the strength of our name and reputation, which includes the associates that we have made during the many years that we have been in practise. As a result, we have the ability to act fast in your favour, obtaining valuable information, working with forensic and medical experts and being able to speak openly and honestly with other professionals of the law in your favour.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients and can meet you at a time and place that is suitable for you to go through your case. During this time, we talk about your options and discuss the potential outcomes that you are faced with. Given appropriate time, we can work through various alternative approaches to your situation and source the information that we need to support you.

There are always solutions, you simply need a professional who is willing to go that extra mile to ensure that you are given the best possible outcome. Trust that we are those professionals who can do this for you, so when you are faced with a sexual conviction, make sure to get in touch with us, immediately.

How can a sexual offence solicitor help?

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