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Who are ABV Solicitors and do they have a sexual offence solicitor?
03 Feb 2021

ABV Solicitors are a leading firm who have a committed team of solicitors within a variety of specialist sectors. Our dedicated team understands that allegations of any kind are upsetting, unnerving and often devastating. Therefore in order to ensure you receive the highest quality of care we make certain that you are fully supported from start to finish. Our highly knowledgeable team of experts offers discreet and confidential advice, which is particularly important when facing criminal allegations such as those of a sexual nature. Our specialist sexual offence solicitor will work with you to ensure your case is strong and effective from the outset.

When facing allegations of any nature we understand that going with the first law firm which shows up on your search engine is not practical, as you need assurances that the solicitors you choose have a positive reputation and experience in the field you require. For this reason we have our notable cases displayed on our website, so that you can research our outcomes and put your mind to rest.

How does our sexual offence solicitor work?

As soon as you contact us, no matter what time of day or night, we begin  with a fast, vigorous approach to your case. By starting out strong and using our resources efficiently we set the case up for a successful outcome. So to do this, from the moment we are filled in with the details of your particular case, we contact potential witnesses and get important statements immediately.  We source any camera footage which could be useful in your situation and working with you we come up with a series of possible approaches to tackling your case. Whilst our solicitors have the legal knowledge to assist you, we require teamwork from you too. Therefore trusting in us and listening to our advice is vital but our approach has to suit you, hence why we will discuss possible options for you.

Why might I need your help?

When facing allegations of a sexual crime you will need knowledge and expertise in order to defend your rights and protect your interests. Doing this alone can be near impossible as facing allegations of this nature can be traumatic and highly stressful, having a level and knowledgeable head at this time is vital which is where our sexual offence solicitor comes in. Allegations of a sexual crime can include any of the following: rape, sexual exploitation or grooming, cases of child abuse, having indecent images and historical allegations. Investigations are therefore highly invasive and often have a devastating impact on those around you.  By contacting our highly qualified solicitors as soon as allegations are made we are able to work with you to minimise the impact on your life and eliminate any false information from spreading. Our aim is to work with you as a team with the soul purpose of clearing your name. WIth our knowledge and resources at your fingertips you will be giving yourself the best possible chance at gaining a positive outcome.

The role of a sexual offence solicitor

False accusations of a sexual nature being thrown at you and in need of a Sexual Offence Solicitor?