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Do you have legal expenses cover?

Many people are likely to have some form of legal expenses insurance, possibly as part of professional indemnity insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, an employment package or another insurance policy.

These policies, also known as before the event insurance, may cover the cost of legal representation when you find ourselves facing investigation, disciplinary proceedings or criminal proceedings.

ABV solicitors are regularly instructed by clients who have legal expenses insurance. ABV have a long-standing history of representing professionals such as Solicitors, Doctors, Police, Dentists, Nurses and civil servants under their existing legal expenses cover.

It is vital that you contact us at the earliest possible stage to arrange quality representation from the outset.

How does legal expenses insurance work?

Legal expenses insurance provides you the policyholder with cover for the cost of legal representation in certain legal matters, such as criminal investigations, criminal proceedings or in disciplinary proceedings before your governing body.

Legal expenses cover is usually an add-on to an existing policy or part of an employment package or included in professional indemnity insurance.

When faced with an allegation of criminal or professional misconduct, you may be tempted to stick with the solicitor and solicitors firm recommended by the insurers.

It’s important to be aware that the insurer isn’t recommending that solicitor because they think they are the best; it is more likely that they are recommending that solicitor because it is cost effective for the insurance company to do so.

To protect against this situation, you must rely on the fundamental right of every person to be represented by solicitors of their choice.

While insurers may try to put barriers in your way to prevent you from exercising your freedom to choose, these can be overcome – by getting legal advice from ABV solicitors early on, we will investigate the terms of the policy and start working on protecting your interests before insurers instruct a panel solicitor.

What are panel solicitors and are you obliged to use them?

Legal expenses insurance may not give you your choice of solicitor. Instead, the insurer instructs panel solicitors to act on your behalf.

Panel solicitors are those approved by the insurer and who have agreed to charge their legal fees at the insurer’s agreed rates. They are usually the cheapest option for the insurer.

Unfortunately, many of the panel firms have a very limited amount of experience in dealing with serious and complex cases.

You are not obliged to use a panel firm. Recent case law has established a policy holder has the right to choose their own solicitor.

This means that although insurers often appoint a solicitor for you, they cannot insist that you use that particular solicitor.

When facing criminal investigation or charges it is vital to get the best representation for you and your loved ones at the earliest possible stage.

Contact our team at ABV Solicitors If you are being investigated, facing disciplinary proceedings or are charged with an offence and have legal expenses cover.

Our dedicated team with your authority will deal with the insurance company on your behalf and arrange for them to cover all the work we do.

It can be the difference between you winning and losing the case.