They are extremely competent in their legal and strategic advice, their files are very well prepared and they have some of the hardest-working and most dedicated solicitors that I have ever worked with

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They are able solicitors, who are hardworking and understand what is necessary tactically in preparation to advance a case

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The solicitors are approachable and care about the clients

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Funding Your Case – Private

At ABV Solicitors, we offer a bespoke private client service provided by a team made up of leading experts in their field of specialty.

Between them, our private client lawyers have many years of experience and have acted for hundreds of clients both under investigation and post charge, with outstanding results.

We offer private representation in all areas of criminal defence and will match you up with the right lawyer for you, depending on the nature of the allegation.

Our private clients include corporates and individuals facing stressful investigations / proceedings and we pride ourselves on a holistic approach to our representation. We are renowned for our excellent legal skills and knowledge, but also for our empathetic and supportive approach to all of our clients.

All of our private client lawyers are highly respected, dynamic and committed to achieving the best outcome possible in every individual case.

Why choose to fund privately?

Increasingly clients are choosing to instruct ABV solicitors on a private basis to ensure a bespoke service which will involve having the expertise of the most experienced solicitors within the practice and leading barristers engaged on their case from the very outset.

Depending on the fee arrangement, privately funding allows:

  1. Proactivity at the time of the investigation - we have succeeded in numerous cases, in persuading the police / prosecution authorities not to prosecute a case.
  2. For work to begin immediately on a case without any delay.
  3. Access to your solicitor at your convenience.
  4. An unfettered choice of representation both within the firm and externally. This includes representation by leading barristers within the criminal and regulatory field together with experts.
  5. Control over what is done to ensure the best preparation of the case acheiving the right result for you.
  6. Competitive and bespoke funding packages to ensure you receive the best representation at the right price.

Funding Options

Solicitors would traditionally charge for their work on an hourly basis dependant on the seniority of the lawyer involved. Increasingly clients prefer to be charged on a fixed fee basis so they know what the cost will be from the outset and avoid any surprises. Fixed fees can be for either stages of the case or the entire case.

ABV can work on either method and this is discussed at the outset of the case. ABV offer clear options at the outset of the engagement to ensure that the client makes the right choice for themselves.

Recovery of Defence Costs

Historically clients could recover their costs in full if they were successful in obtaining an acquittal. This has now changed and privately funded costs can be recovered under a Defence Costs Order as set out below.

Magistrates Court

In simple terms, legislation provides that non-legally aided privately paying clients in the magistrates’ court will be entitled to recover their legal costs under a Defendant’s Costs Order if they are acquitted, but the amount will be limited to the amount that would be payable under specified legal aid rates. This tends to be around 20 – 30% of private fees.

Crown Court

As of 27th January 2014, costs can only be recovered in situations where legal aid has been applied for and refused. Where costs are recoverable they are paid at legal aid rates which tend to be about 20% – 30% of private costs. Clients who choose not to apply for legal aid or revoke legal aid are not able to recover their costs.


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