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How can a sexual offence solicitor help?
18 Jan 2021

False accusations of any kind of criminal offence can be devastating to an individual and have repercussions that can last a lifetime if any charges are upheld. Not only can it affect their personal wellbeing, but it can have a detrimental impact on their relationships with their friends and family, as well as potentially place obstacles in these loved ones’ lives as well.

Furthermore, business ventures can be halted, reputations belonging to a company that either employed or was owned by the accused individual can suffer; the list goes on.

By enlisting a reputable and experienced sexual offence solicitor, you can be assured that you are doing all you can to have unjust charges dropped or in other misunderstandings, the charges eased to ensure that you are faced with the best possible outcome for your situation.

Feel free to speak with us in complete confidence openly and honestly so that we can work through your options. By finding our services as quickly as possible, as soon as you are made aware of an accusation or are arrested, the better the outcome can be for several reasons.

What are these reasons?

Firstly, when a sexual offence solicitor is on your case from the moment it begins, they are given real-time access and an understanding of proceedings, rather than catching up on the situation. We are given as much time as possible to build a case in your favour and this includes sourcing CCTV footage, finding witnesses and working through details of the law, which can be time-consuming, factors that are not generally offered to the prosecuted.

In addition, statistically speaking, when a sexual offence solicitor is employed earlier, individuals accused are given the right kind of information on how to react to situations they are put in by the police and therefore, can protect themselves better. The early moments of the case often provide clues to how the situation is probably going to come to a conclusion, so by ensuring you are in the best possible position legally, you are giving yourself a significant advantage.

What kinds of services do you offer?

No case is too big or too small for our team. We work with individuals from all walks of life and who find themselves in all sorts of situations. Whether you have been accused of rape, sexual assault, indecent images, child abuse or even historical cases, we have a professional team who are here to help you share your side of the story and to ensure that your voice is heard above the clamour.

We understand the need for a victim to be heard, but in some cases, the victim isn’t the one pointing the finger. Misunderstanding and miscommunication can lead to the ultimate destruction of a person’s life and we are determined to ensure that an individual is appropriately charged and that their life is not damaged simply to prove a point to society at large.

We are not a law firm to be trifled with, we have a strong reputation and use this to get our clients results.

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