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A sexual offence solicitor answers clients’ most pressing questions

11 January 2021


There is no substitute for the critical role a sexual offence solicitor plays in defending your case and protecting your rights when facing allegations of a sexual offence. Hiring a well-experienced and highly knowledgeable sexual offence solicitor from ABV Solicitors to represent you gives your case a substantially higher chance of securing a desired outcome. Let’s face it, without knowledge of the law or practical experience in the justice system, most people will find defending themselves against a sexual offence allegation, a herculean task. Making certain you receive the most favourable result, whether you are questioned by the police or face a trial in court, is essential to ward off the dire consequences that can arise from such an allegation. And a sexual offence solicitor is just the legal professional you need to help you attain that favourable outcome. Our many years of practising in the field of law have given us insight into some of the most pressing questions that concern clients when facing allegations of a sexual crime. Our excellent team of solicitors for sex offence answer some of the more common questions you ask us.

Three most frequently asked sex offence questions

I am innocent, why do I need a solicitor?

It is indeed an unfortunate occurrence, but it is quite common for false allegations of sexual crimes to be made. Whether these are falsely made or not, our role is to ensure you are well-represented by an experienced sex offence solicitor to ensure you are dealt with fairly and justly by law enforcement agencies. It is the job of the police to conduct a thorough investigation when accusations of a sexual offence are made, however, sometimes the methods that are used are not always ethical or appropriate. To guard against such adverse tactics, it is best to have the support of the right legal representation by your side.

What should I do when being investigated for a sexual offence crime?

The very first thing we encourage you to do is to make contact with us to secure the best possible legal help. We advise against contacting the person (face-to-face, via email, phone or text messaging or any other means of communication) bringing the complaint, as this might work against you should you find yourself defending a case in court. Our sex offence solicitor will make all the necessary enquiries and communicate with the police to get the specifics of the allegation – details the police often withhold from the individual being accused.

How long does the process take?

Due to the nature of sexual offences and the particulars of each individual case, there is no specified length of time outlined for how long the process should take. Much will depend on the specifics of the allegations made, as well as the way in which the police choose to proceed with the investigations.

Are you looking for a law firm with a proven track record of defending clients in sexual offence cases? Choose ABV Solicitors as your preferred choice for highly capable sexual offence solicitors. We will guide you through every step of the process and ensure your rights are well-protected.

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