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Sexual offence accusations, call our sexual offence solicitor
04 Aug 2023

Offences that fall under the label of sexual in law can be interpreted to cover a wide range of offences. If you find yourself being accused of a transgression of this nature, don’t try to handle it unprofessionally. Contact our sexual offence solicitor as soon as possible to see how they can help you to avoid serious consequences. You may think that an allegation is something to be ignored and that it will go away, but left alone, that allegation can grow into something more sinister. Your liberty is precious; don’t lose it because of your ego or ignorance of the law.

Men and women

This type of offence can be committed by either men or women, although in the UK, they are predominantly committed against women. This type of crime can happen between friends, family members, partners, ex-partners or strangers. A sexual crime can take the form of assault, rape, exploitation, grooming, indecent images and even past historical events. The more high profile you are, the more you must be aware of who you are meeting and what you are doing. Money and alcohol can make strange bedfellows, landing you in serious trouble.

Specialist teams

At ABV Solicitors, we can provide an expert sexual offence solicitor backed up by an equally competent specialist team. We have established a well-regarded reputation for being able to provide a robust defence for our clients who have been accused of unlawful sexual acts. Once you contact us, we will identify the best team to suit you and your offence, and they will be available 24 hours a day. The team is proactive and will start to gather evidence and interview any witnesses.

Our sexual offence solicitor will represent you if you end up in a police station, a Magistrates’ Court or the Crown Court. Your case may require the services of a barrister or King’s Counsel. We are fortunate to have access to some of the foremost barristers and KCs in the country. Some cases will also require medical and forensic experts’ evidence and expertise, which we are also able to provide.

Affects more than you

It is naive to think that sexual offence allegations affect only you and your reputation; your family, children and friends can also suffer, so be mindful that you have a responsibility to protect them as well. Even a minor transgression can be enough to make those close to you targets. One of the negative aspects of the internet is how social media can be used to destroy people’s lives. The best advice for you, if you have been accused of a sexual offence, is to stay off social media and certainly refrain from interacting with anyone. The most innocent comment can be misconstrued and used against you.

A discreet and confidential service

At ABV Solicitors, we pride ourselves on providing a discreet and thorough service to our clients. All your discussions with us are strictly confidential, and we are candid with our clients and expect the same courtesy. Don’t hold anything back when asked a question because we can only defend you if we have all the facts.

Experience of people

Our sexual offence solicitors have considerable experience in dealing with people, and often, we can bring a case to a satisfactory and amicable conclusion through discussion and reasoning. Therefore, it is in your interest not to antagonise your accuser but rather to let us handle all discussions. Our team is here to help you retain your liberty and ensure that your name and reputation remain intact.

Have you been accused of a sexual offence? Call our sexual offence solicitor

Police investigation for a sexual offence? Sexual offence solicitor on call!