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Police investigation for a sexual offence? Sexual offence solicitor on call!
11 Aug 2023

If you are being investigated by the police for any kind of sexual accusation, don’t make the mistake of taking it lightly. Your best course of action is to call ABV Solicitors and let our sexual offence solicitor handle it. Sometimes the shock and disbelief of an accusation may cause you to act irrationally, which can cause problems later. You may be tempted to delay getting a solicitor involved, but the prudent move is to contact us sooner rather than later. Getting our expert guidance early can save a great deal of pain and suffering later. Once you are our client, we will be available to represent you in a police station, Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court. Our guidance is vital to ensure that you retain your liberty. Social media is a vital tool for gathering evidence, so be careful at all times what you post. At a time when you have been accused, refrain from posting anything on social media. We guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality to our clients.

Offences that are included

There are over 50 offences that fall under the category of sexual, so having a thorough knowledge and understanding of this law requires unique expertise. These offences include anything from rape at one end of the scale to certain cases of abusing a position of trust. When we take on a client who has been wrongly accused of one of these offences, we will work tirelessly to keep them out of prison. The nature of this law requires intensive interrogation and investigation to ensure that we have all the facts.

Far-reaching consequences

If you have been wrongly accused, it is prudent to have an expert team behind you to make sure that you don’t allow your emotions to cause you to react without thinking. If you have a partner, wife or children, they could all be adversely affected. The trauma inflicted will last for many years and maybe even a lifetime. Even your parents and grandparents can end up as targets for ridicule and humiliation.

Wrongful accusation consequences

Our sexual offence solicitor has a good understanding of human nature. Wrongful accusations, especially of something relating to a sexual misdemeanour, can result in the accuser being prosecuted. A lawsuit of slander can be brought about, and proof that someone has defamed you can land that person in serious trouble. Proof that this has caused you harm can result in financial compensation. By making the accuser aware of the consequences of a wrongful accusation, it is possible to bring the case to a satisfactory conclusion.

Rely on our reputation

ABV Solicitors has earned a reputation for providing excellent service and vigorously defending the liberty of our clients. Every sexual offence solicitor at ABV Solicitors brings with them expertise and knowledge that is backed up by an equally experienced and competent team. We have also formed ties with well-known barristers and King’s counsel as well as experts in the forensic and medical fields. You can draw confidence from the fact that you are in the safe and capable hands of one of the best legal practices in England.

Sexual offence accusations, call our sexual offence solicitor

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