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Have you been accused of a sexual offence? Call our sexual offence solicitor
26 Jul 2023

Being accused of a sexual offence can be a traumatic experience, but it is important to seek legal representation without delay. A sexual offence solicitor can help you understand the charges against you, build a strong defence, and represent you if your case goes to court. However, this is not all that our sexual offence solicitor can do at ABV Solicitors. We can also support you from the earliest stages, when you have been arrested and taken into police custody for questioning. Our intervention at the earliest stages will ensure that you get the fairest result for your specific situation. We have been cited as a leading firm and our previous cases are testament to the positive results we can achieve.

Do I need a solicitor?

Being accused of a sexual offence is extremely serious and there are a number of reasons why you will certainly need a solicitor in this situation. A solicitor can advise you on your legal rights and options to ensure that you understand what is happening to you. Also, if charges are brought against you, we can take proactive steps immediately to start building your defence by gathering evidence to support your case. We will gather information, such as CCTV footage, and we will interview witnesses and work with leading experts in fields such as forensics. We also have access to leading barristers and QCs who will represent you in the Crown Court, and we will support their work there throughout the trial. We will also represent you in the Magistrates’ Court, prior to your case being referred to the Crown Court. Our solicitor will also provide you with the emotional support you need during this difficult time and can help to take some of the stress off your shoulders by dealing with the legal issues and reassuring you that this is being taken care of.

Solicitors assist throughout the UK

Our team of sexual offence solicitors are available to assist you throughout the UK. We can also arrange for you to speak to a solicitor over the phone or via video call at any time, day or night, 7 days a week. We are here for you in your darkest hour and we hope to provide the light you need to move forward to a suitable resolution.

What do sexual offence solicitors do?

Our sexual offence solicitors have vast experience in dealing with complex cases involving sexual offences. We have the experience and expertise to help you with all aspects of your case, from the initial investigation through to the trial.

Types of sexual offence that solicitors typically help with

We often represent clients who have been accused of rape, historical sexual allegations, sexual exploitation or grooming, child abuse, indecent images, and sexual assault. Whatever you have been accused of, we have the skills and expertise to represent you effectively.

Why you should contact us now

If you have found yourself in the situation where you have been accused of a sexual offence, it is important to get legal representation promptly. Early intervention can make the difference between whether or not you are charged with a crime, or how serious the charges are. By getting legal representation, you will be able to protect yourself legally, build a strong defence and potentially negotiate with the prosecution. You will also feel fully informed about the legal process, reducing the worry that you may be feeling and providing you with the emotional support that you need.

If you have been accused of a sexual offence, please do not hesitate to contact us at ABV Solicitors. All you need to do is phone us and get the support you need now.

A sexual offence solicitor from ABV Solicitors could make all the difference

Sexual offence accusations, call our sexual offence solicitor