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Looking for the best sexual offence solicitor to defend you? 4 reasons to choose ABV Solicitors
17 Jun 2020

False accusations are never fun and, unfortunately, in the UK legal system, such accusations are becoming more common. While any false accusation of a crime is devastating, few are more life-shattering than a sexual assault accusation. Indeed, even if the case is dismissed at an early stage, many of those accused feel that their life is damaged as a result of such an obscene allegation.

Luckily, while false accusations are on the rise, so is the exposure of false testimony and evidence – thanks in part to the accused hiring trained solicitors to defend them. Adept at spotting inconsistencies and finding holes in statements, if you find yourself on the receiving end of a sexual assault accusation, contact our team for help!

At ABV Solicitors, we are dedicated to fighting your corner aggressively and ethically. We will help you to prove your innocence against the police and the courts, all the while protecting your identity and confidentiality. Our sexual offence solicitor will work with you to build your case, provide you with legal advice targeted to your scenario and ensure that your personal life, such as your job, are not affected by your case! Perfect!

But why choose ABV Solicitors for a sexual offence solicitor? Read on to learn more about our dedicated legal team.

Proactive approach

Prevention is better than cure and at ABV Solicitors, the moment you contact our sexual offence solicitor, our team will take a proactive approach to build your case. There is no such thing as being over-prepared in the UK legal system and, once you are called in for an interview with the police, our team will have constructed a brilliant defence on your behalf, designed to minimise any penalties you may receive or leave the police with no choice but to drop the charges.

Gathering evidence

Another benefit of ABV Solicitors? We will take the time to access information, statements, and any other evidence that could be used to prove your innocence. We will identify key witnesses and call on professionals to help defend you in a court of law if your case gets that far. We will go through statements and look for errors or inconsistencies, ensuring that you do not serve time for a crime you did not commit. Brilliant!

Advice and accessibility

Unlike many other solicitors, our team is available to you 7 days a week, regardless of the time or place. Indeed, we will arrange to meet you in a location that is suitable for you and will work tirelessly to build your case and will provide you with ways to contact us if the situation changes or if you remember something crucial.

Professionalism and Sensitivity

Sexual assault is a sensitive area and our team will help you to discuss any aspect of the alleged assault without judgement or inappropriate questions. We will work from a purely professional standpoint, only asking questions that are relevant to the case, and of course, we will keep all of your answers and statements confidential.

Are you seeking justice after a false sexual assault allegation? Our sexual offence solicitor at ABV Solicitors can help

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