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Are you seeking justice after a false sexual assault allegation? Our sexual offence solicitor at ABV Solicitors can help
10 Jun 2020

It is an unfortunate truth in modern society that more and more people are being falsely accused of sexual assault. While the underlying reasons for such accusations are not clear, such statements can have a devastating effect on both the accused and their family. And of course, such impacts are not fair.

If you have recently gone through a trial after a false sexual allegation was raised against you and you were found innocent, what happens next? Is there a process you can go through to redeem your name? As the law in the UK takes sexual assault allegations seriously, is there any way to seek legal recourse after a false allegation is admitted to?

At ABV Solicitors, if you have been through such a harrowing ordeal, we can help. Our sexual offence solicitor can help you to seek justice after such a detrimental claim on your name has been made and will help ensure that the person who accused you of such a heinous act faces the consequences.

But how can our sexual offence solicitor help you to clear your name in the eyes of the public and others? Read on to find out.

Identifying the accusation

As odd as this may sound, allow us to explain. In instances of false accusations in the UK, there are 2 kinds of defamation to be considered: slander and libel. Both caused by false statements being made against you, our sexual offence solicitor will be able to identify which of the 2 your false sexual assault allegation falls under and will begin legal recourse based on the conclusion.

In layman’s terms, slander involves falsehoods being spoken and libel involves a written statement from the person who accused you.

Criminal accusations

While our team will help to identify the accusation in relation to libel or slander cases, there is often a more serious aspect to falsely accusing someone of sexual assault.

In the UK, there are many ways that your accuser can be found to have made a false allegation, including a retraction of their statements, witness testimony, admission, or inconsistencies in their story. Regardless of how such things are identified, the next stage of the process will involve our team working with the police to have the accuser arrested for either perverting the course of justice or wasting police time on slanderous and/or libel accusations.

Your case

Of course, while your former accuser will have a lot of legal recourse to deal with in relation to the police and UK legal system, our team at ABV Solicitors can help you to build your case against them.

However, our team will advise you on the pros and cons of retaliation cases and we may only recommend such an action if the former accuser admitted to their false accusation. Also, be aware that defamation, as mentioned above, is not a crime in the UK and so, our team may recommend that you take your former accuser to court for either slander or libel.

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