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What you should do if you’ve been wrongly accused of a sexual crime. Consult with a sexual offence solicitor
08 Jul 2020

Being accused of a sexual offence can be hugely traumatic for you and your family. Harsh punishment and a tarnished reputation could be the consequences of having allegations made against you that could destroy your life or take away your liberties. Give ABV Solicitors a call if you’ve been accused of a sexual crime and require a strong defence team, comprising sexual offence solicitors fighting your corner.

Being a fully-informed defendant will help to strengthen your case and pave the way for a desirable result. To find out what you should do when you learn about the charges read on.

Find the right attorney for the job

The UK is home to several top law firms providing second-to-none professional services to their clients. However, it’s important to note that while some lawyers can get you out of a traffic violation or provide you with sound legal representation during an acrimonious divorce, they might not have the required specialisation or experience for highly sensitive cases like these.

Before you decide to hire a sexual offence solicitor, ask them about their history and whether they’ve defended cases similar to yours. Our firm has a unit dedicated to sexual crimes where expert approaches are followed to achieve favourable outcomes.

Realise the trouble you’re in

Understanding that you’ve landed in hot water isn’t at all an admission of guilt. Instead, the charges should motivate you to act fast and prepare a watertight defence. You’ll only find yourself in deeper legal trouble if you deny the charges or don’t take it seriously initially.

Educate yourself

Our sexual offence solicitors are in favour of their clients learning more about the allegations because it will undoubtedly help their case, as they understand what they’re being accused of, the details of the crime, and the possible consequences of being convicted.

We find that clients who imbue themselves with knowledge while following our advice see better results than those who don’t.

Learn how to conduct yourself

You might feel a myriad of negative emotions about the case, especially if you believe you have been falsely accused. That being said, you must learn to conduct yourself appropriately under the public eye because a single ill-thought comment could be extremely damaging.

Draw up a list of possible witnesses

Jot down all possible witnesses, even if you think they might not help your case. Any lead or testimony could prove useful.

Prepare yourself for significant expenses

Be honest with yourself; you’re facing a criminal charge, which could lead to a conviction unless you take the necessary steps to prove your innocence. These steps will result in additional expenses because undergoing multiple specialised tests will cost you money.

Don’t give up

Sexual crimes aren’t to be taken lightly and those accused of them are in for an immensely challenging time. You have a lot to lose; your job, your reputation in the community, and your liberty. Despite this, you must try to stay positive. Our solicitors for sexual offence will provide you with endless support throughout.

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