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Investment Fraud

ABV Solicitors have considerable experience in representing those accused of being involved in investment frauds sometimes described as "boiler room frauds".

The alleged frauds are often high value, complex and involve multiple defendants. They are prosecuted by a variety of law enforcement agencies including the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), National Crime Agency (NCA), Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Local Authorities amongst others.

Whilst there are many types of Investment Frauds, they typically allege the selling of investments at grossly overvalued prices by brokers or salesman using high -pressure selling methods and making misleading assurances/false representations as to the true value of the investment. Often the investors are vulnerable or elderly.

These cases require careful and skilful preparation of the defence case as the consequences of a conviction are grave.

ABV have a proven track record of dealing with such cases. We have successfully represented suspects throughout the UK, on some of the largest prosecutions of Investment Fraud ever brought in the UK. These suspects range from those responsible for setting up and operating the businesses through to senior and junior brokers or sales personnel.

ABV Solicitors have vast experience in dealing with, but not limited to, the following types of Investment Frauds;

  • Carbon Credit Fraud
  • Land Banking Fraud
  • Advance Fee Fraud
  • Ponzi Scheme Fraud
  • Diamond Mining and Investment Fraud
  • Rare Earth Metals Investment Fraud
  • Wine Fraud
  • Fine Art Fraud
  • Binary Trading Fraud

We work closely with the most highly regarded specialist fraud Queens Counsel (QC’S) and barristers in the country and instruct other leading experts in the field.

If you or someone you know is suspected or charged with any type of Investment Fraud contact ABV Solicitors where one of our solicitors can guide you through the process.

Notable Cases

Operation Jackdaw & Ivan – Reading Crown Court

An investigation into a series of investment (boiler room) frauds targeting vulnerable elderly people where “suckers lists” are allegedly used to target previous victims to re-invest. The value of this fraud is described in millions at present.

Operation Wintergreen – Southwark Crown Court

Investigation conducted by the City of London Police into the mis-selling of carbon credits. Offices were set up by the Defendants in expensive locations in the City of London, including the Gherkin building, where hundreds of people were recruited to target wealthy investors and deploy pressurised sale tactics. In total 130 victims made investments and purchased both CER and VER carbon credits.

Operation Kanteen – Lewes Crown Court

Multi-handed national fraud rogue trader investigation, targeting elderly or vulnerable victims. In excess of 170 victims in the operation who were contacted and given the impression that they were speaking to the police, trading standards or crown court judges. The investigation led to over 50 people being arrested with a total loss in excess of £3.5 million from the victims.

R v C – City of London Investigation

The City of London are investigating this mammoth Ponzi investment scheme. Our client is one of a number of persons being investigated for this fraudulent investment scheme incurring a loss of substantial sums of money to investors. A number of companies, banks, famous footballers outside the jurisdiction including the Cayman Islands were used to perpetuate this fraud.

Operation Eastleigh – Southwark Crown Court

Deposit taking investment scheme amounting to circa £1 million where investors were allegedly made false promises of returns. The FCA further allege breaches under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

R v D – Maidstone Crown Court

This case concerned a multi-handed and serious conspiracy to defraud investors of circa £1/2 million of fine wine. Most of the targeted investors were vulnerable and elderly. The fraud was protracted and highly sophisticated.

Operation Haselmere – Investigation Stage

An investigation conducted by the Financial Conduct Authority summarised as a “boiler room fraud” where unauthorised investment advice was offered and shares were sold at pre-initial Public Offerings. The said loss is around £4.5 million where a large number of shares sold were for public limited companies. The FCA allege that a number of front companies were used to disguise the true purpose of the business and to show that its operations were legitimate.

R v P – Investigation Stage – FCA Investigation

This case concerns a series of companies who were running a land banking scheme which fell into the description of a collective investment scheme this falling foul of the FSA Management Act. The case is said to be one of the biggest prosecutions brought.

Operation Ryeland – Southwark Crown Court

The City of London Police investigated this investment fraud which related to the miss-selling of land and carbon credits under three land banking schemes, operated by 8 defendants, who together conspired to defraud investors of approximately £3 million by making false representations about the development value of the investments.During the investigation 3 of the defendants  also set up a new company selling carbon credits. The police used intrusive surveillance techniques such as the installation of covert cameras in offices used by the defendant.

Operation Tidworth – Southwark Crown Court

Said to be one of the largest investigations conducted by the FCA in a share fraud carried out through a series of boiler room companies which led to the loss of £2.8 million of investors’ money. Defendants were alleged to have purchased a land in the Madeira Island in Portugal and offered shares to investors promising guaranteed returns.

Operation Cotton – Southwark Crown Court

The defendant is one of eight alleged to have been involved in a land banking fraud going back to 2008. Investment opportunities related to acquiring plots of undeveloped land in the expectation that these would be sold to major developers at a profit. Over £5 million in investors’ funds was alleged to have been obtained. Our client is charged with conspiracy to defraud and carrying on an unauthorised investment business contrary to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. The charges arose out of Operation Cotton, an FCA investigation into the activities of three land banking firms – Plott UK, European Property Investments (EPI) and Stirling. The case hit the headlines as it was also the first case to be affected by the response of the Bar to the MOJ decision to cut VHCC rates. Members of the Bar returned all VHCC cases following cuts in funding by the Legal Aid Agency. Alex Cameron QC was instructed to represent our client and successfully applied to stay these proceedings on the basis that the State’s actions, which had left these defendants unrepresented, amounted to an abuse of process and meant they could not have a fair trial. The Court of Appeal overturned the decision and Counsel were reinstructed.

Operation Stagecoach – Blackfriars Crown Court

Defendants faced charges of Conspiracy to Defraud where investors have allegedly been persuaded to buy rare earth elements. Transactions were carried out through an Escrow Agent and by over 40 brokers based in the UK. The value of the fraud was said to be circa £7 million.

Operation Nacho – Leeds Crown Court

This matter relates to a multi-handed and large -scale property investment fraud involving a York based property club called Challenor Property Developments. The value of the fraud was estimated in excess of £2 million. The case involved  over 130 franchise victims.

R v N – Old Bailey

The defendant was charged with Conspiracy to Defraud. This allegation involved the misrepresentations to investors re the sale of Green Belt land and Carbon Credits. There were a number of defendants who were charged with this matter. Net loss was in excess of £6 million. Defendant acquitted of the fraud relating to land and retrial ordered in respect of carbon credits.

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