They are able solicitors, who are hardworking and understand what is necessary tactically in preparation to advance a case.

Chambers & Partners

This really is a first-class outfit. The team is committed, hardworking and displays a genuine commitment to its clients.

Chambers & Partners

They are able solicitors, who are hardworking and understand what is necessary tactically in preparation to advance a case.

Chambers & Partners

Rob has over 20 years of experience in criminal litigation.

He was a founding Partner of ABV solicitors in 2006 having previously been a Partner at a “Legal 500” firm.

Rob represents individuals in relation to all aspects of crime, from pre-arrest advice, representation at the police station through to conduct of cases in the criminal courts.

Rob regularly is instructed to represent those at the Police Investigation stage to ensure that all avenues of investigation are explored and wherever possible, cases are concluded without charge.

Rob has experience of dealing with complex, serious offences and high profile offences. Rob understands the need for discretion and reputation management.

Rob is tactically astute and known for his meticulous case preparation. His client focused approached ensures that clients are put at ease and are best placed to work collaboratively on the case.

Rob has developed extensive experience in sexual offences which requires a detailed and forensic approach to case preparation and the highest levels of client care.

Rob is instructed to represent Individuals facing investigation and prosecution by their Regulatory Bodies.

In addition to his defence practice, Rob is instructed to Prosecute on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (DBI), RSPCA and OFCOM.

He has also provided training to Paediatricians, Police Officers, Trade Unions and Legal Practitioners in Overseas Jurisdictions.

Serious & General Crime Cases

Murder & Manslaughter

Operation Jambles – Croydon Crown Court

This case involved two young defendants charged with manslaughter and arson, who set light to a piece of paper in a derelict house causing the death of a homeless person who had been using the building. A difficult case involving youths aged 14 and 16 years.

R v Clinton (Jon-Jacques) Reported case [2012] EWCA Crim 2 – Reading Crown Court 2012

Represented defendant accused of murdering his wife after he was subjected to numerous taunts, including suggestions of infidelity. The defendant was represented by another firm and convicted after raising a new partial defence of ‘loss of control’ which was withdrawn from the jury by a Judge. ABV Solicitors took over conduct for the appeal when the conviction was quashed and the court of appeal ordered a re-trial. The client subsequently pleaded to murder before the re-trial and received a reduced sentence. The case is now the leading authority on “loss of control” in murder cases.

Operation Emerich – Central Criminal Court

Represented a Defendant accused of the murder of a woman in her home, which was said to have been covered up by setting the house on fire whilst two children and the defendant were in the house. The matter proceeded to trial but the jury were unable to reach a verdict at the original trial. The client was subsequently acquitted at his re trial.

Violent Crimes

R v P – Northampton/Swindon Crown Court

Allegations of robbery where the Modus Operandi (MO) was said to involve arranging to see high value cars advertised on auto trader for sale. The defendant had used the same MO previously including one case where he had caused death by dangerous driving, originally charged as manslaughter.

Serious Drugs Offences

Operation Equinox

This case relates to the kidnap and assault on a complainant by 3 defendants as well as a conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. The complainant stated that he had been concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin for a gang and that he was grievously assaulted. He was then taken to an unknown Somalian families’ address where he remained until the following morning.



R v E – Aylesbury Crown Court

This defendant faced one count of rape. The complainant’s account was that she was very drunk and believed at the time she was having sexual intercourse with her husband. Her husband had been asleep next to her. The defendant maintained that the sexual intercourse was consensual. The defendant was acquitted after a trial.

R v D – Reading Crown Court

The defendant was charged with two counts of rape against a female he had met one evening who was under the age of 16 years. The Defendant was successfully acquitted following a trial where he claimed that the act was consensual.

R v M – Southwark Crown Court

ABV represented an Army recruiting sergeant charged with number of historic rapes and sexual offences upon would be recruits from the common wealth. The case attracted national media coverage.

R v J – Isleworth Crown Court

The defendant was charged with two counts of rape against a female. It was alleged that he broke into a female’s house and raped her in her bedroom. Case discontinued after significant pressure put on the Prosecution.

R v S – Woolwich CC

This case concerned an allegation against three men of rape. Right from the outset, ABV Solicitors put forward a pro-active defence and as a consequence, the prosecution offered no evidence and the defendants were released immediately from custody.

R v H – Reading Crown Court

A case concerning consent, a typical ‘he said’ ‘she said’ rape case where the jury had to decide who was more credible, the complainant or the defendant. ABV Solicitors worked intensively with the client to cross examine the prosecution witnesses to undermine their account resulting in an acquittal for the client.

R v B – Reading Crown Court

ABV were instructed for a client facing allegations of rape and sexual assault upon family members. The case is currently ongoing with reporting restrictions in place.

R v W – Case ongoing – Isleworth Crown Court

A historic rape case dating back to 2003. Defendant faces three counts of rape, five counts of indecent assault and one count of sexual activity with a child. The victim is now an adult and ABV Solicitors are heavily involved in advancing legal submissions and obtaining expert evidence.

R v M & Another – Isleworth Crown Court

ABV represented a professional footballer who is alleged to have met the complainant, aged 17 on Tinder. They met at a co-defendant’s home, and engaged in consensual sexual activity. The complainant then alleges that non-consensual activity takes place between the three of them. Images and videos were taken of the sexual activities.

R v C – Reading Crown Court

ABV Solicitors represented a Defendant who was jointly charged with his girlfriend and both suffered from severe learning disabilities for offences of conspiracy to rape and digital penetration. Both defendants were convicted of conspiracy to rape but acquitted of digital penetration. This was a case which involved intermediaries for both Defendants throughout the trial process.

R v A – Case ongoing – Isleworth Crown Court

This involves an allegation of rape of a male by another male in a hostel. The defendant wholly denies the allegations which involves forensic evidence and involved a complex issue regarding the defendant’s age at the time of the alleged offence.

R v R – Isleworth Crown Court Ealing Youth Court

This case involved a twelve count indictment, consisting of various historical offences of rape of a child, assault of child under 13 by penetration, Sexual Activity with a child and causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity. The sexual contact being with the Defendant’s (aged 8 at the time) half-sister (aged 5 at the time). There were a number of inconsistencies with the account provided by the complainant resulting in limited guilty pleas to the less serious offences. The matter was sent back to the Youth Court and the Defendant received a referral order.

Indecent Images

R v J – Kingston Crown Court

ABV represented a client facing allegations of making/possessing indecent images. Following representations as to the strength of the evidence the Prosecution agreed to discontinue the case against our client.

R v M – Isleworth Crown Court

A defendant of previous good character faced proceedings for possession of several thousand indecent images of children, including a large number of the highest category images. The defendant received a suspended sentence.

R v K – Isleworth Crown Court

Representing a client alleged to possess in excess of 4000 indecent images of children.

R v T – Reading Crown Court

Sensitive case involving a male who suffered from mental health issues who was charged with the rape of his mother and other violent acts including gouging her eyeballs out causing his mother total blindness. The case involved fitness to plead issues.


R v A – Operation Cornet – Reading Crown Court

This case was an allegation of sexual activity with a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity ‘grooming’.

R v FI & TK – Operation Articulate – Central Criminal Crown Court

This case involved 12 defendants who were accused of grooming two complainants. The Prosecution case was that these males then invited other men to have sex with the girls. We represented two of the defendants; one was acquitted of all charges.

Sexual Assault

R v G – Kingston CC

We represented a father who faced a number of allegations of sexually assaulting his son between the ages of 18 months and 6 years of age. Through a robust examination of the evidence and unused material a number of material inconsistencies in the account emerged resulting in an acquittal at trial.

R v F – Guildford Crown Court

ABV are instructed to represent a sports instructor facing allegations of historic sexual abuse upon pupils over a 30 year period.

R v G – Isleworth Crown Court

ABV represented a masseur on a cruise ship who was accused of providing a massage and whilst doing so sexually assaulted the complainant. This offence involved a serious breach of trust where the complainant was in a vulnerable position as she would have been in a state of undress at the time in a secluded room on the ship. A trial took place and the defendant was acquitted of all charges.

R v A – Case ongoing – Isleworth Crown Court

The defendant is charged with sexual assault and indecent exposure on an aircraft against a female victim. The case involves exploration of the defendant’s mental health condition and may involve possible issues concerning the defendant’s fitness to plead.

R – v – CG – Portsmouth Crown Court

We represented an ex navy male accused of sexually abusing his step daughter over a period of time when she was a child many years ago. The allegations contained a number of inconsistencies in the complainant’s account where the Defendant was acquitted of all charges.

R v Q – Case ongoing – Isleworth Crown Court

This case is brought by a young victim who alleges she was sexually assaulted by a taxi driver. The case is wholly contested by the defendant who is a man of good character.

R v C – Reading CC

This defendant was accused of massaging a female’s bottom on the High Street. Initially this matter was contested, but on the day of trial the defence team instructed managed to negotiate a basis of plea which was favourable to the defendant. Subsequently, he changed his plea and was sentenced to a suspended sentence, avoiding immediate imprisonment which is the most common outcome in such cases.

R v P

This case involved a defence of consensual sexual activity. The case involved cross-examination of the Complainant on the night in question and also previous contact between her and the Defendant. The Defence adduced good character references to support his case. The Defendant was found not guilty unanimously by the jury. The Defendant was a high-profile individual which resulted in publicity in national newspapers.

R v W – Reading Crown Court

This case concerned serious sexual offences perpetrated on younger family members over a long period of time. Approximately 19,500 indecent images of children were found at the defendant’s address along with several historical digital recordings. This prosecution case was not wholly challenged but certain aspects were, and ABV managed to secure a minimum sentence.

R v L – Blackfriars Crown Court

We represented the Defendant who faced multiple counts of historical rape, attempted rape and indecent assault. The Crown alleged that the Defendant had committed these serious sexual offences against his niece who was between 8 and 14 years old at the time of the alleged offences. The case involved meticulous examination of the Complainant’s account and extensive research to corroborate the weaknesses in her evidence.

Appeal of AL – Royal Courts of Justice

This appellant was sentenced and as part of his sentence a sexual harm prevention order was imposed. The defence team managed to negotiate the terms down to ones which were much more agreeable to the appellant despite obstructive and aggressive tactics by the police.

Revenge Porn

R v W – Lincoln Crown Court

A highly publicised and topical case regarding ‘revenge porn’ in which the young defendant faced allegations of threatening ex-girlfriends (under 18) with the release of their naked images unless they had sex with him or paid him. This case involved careful handling and expert negotiation skills where the Defendant.

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