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You’ve been arrested on fraud charges, what now?
09 Dec 2020

Being accused of fraudulent activities is highly stressful, and the effects of this charge can lead to personal and professional turmoil, tarnished reputation, hefty fines or worse, incarceration.

Our legal firm, ABV Solicitors, are here to lend our legal assistance to provide advice, support, and represent you should your case go to trial.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the multiple reasons why you should entrust us with your case, whether you think you may be guilty or not, if you find yourself being accused of a criminal offence of this nature.

What is fraud?

Fraud or financial crime is the act of theft or larceny that occurs when individuals or businesses take money or assets using illicit methods. These offences are motivated by personal gain.

From investment and mortgage fraud, through to tax evasion and money laundering, fraud comes in many different forms.

Our role as solicitors for fraud is to represent you if you’re accused of wrongdoing, or conversely advise you on ongoing investigations should you suspect that you’re being defrauded.

What are the punishments for a guilty verdict?

Our fraud solicitor works hard to gain the best possible result. That being said, it’s not always possible to have charges dropped. Sometimes, our defendants can face punishments of varying degrees.

How you’re charged depends entirely on the context. In the criminal context, you could be facing heavy fines or time spent in jail. With civil lawsuits, restitution will require you to pay the victim’s money back and for damages brought about.

What lawyer should I approach?

You must contact a solicitor for fraud because these cases are complicated, intricate and require in-depth knowledge and years of experience from a specialist, like our fraud solicitor.

Our legal team, bespoke to every client

Your robust legal team consists of our best and most experienced fraud solicitors. We aim for the best possible outcomes, whether that’s having the charges against you dropped completely or reducing your jail sentence.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and enviable reputation as highly-regarded lawyers and can assure you a powerful defence throughout.

We educate and communicate

Our role as experienced lawyers is assisting our clients in understanding what the charges brought against them are. At the same time, we must make them fully aware of their rights, which includes the right to remain silent.

Furthermore, we’re hands-on, interactive and regularly communicate with our clients, providing them with developments in the case.

We’re the middlemen

Being arrested or interviewed is terrifying, and if you’re a first-time offender, you’ll be unfamiliar with the protocol or how to conduct yourself.

Our first port of call as a fraud solicitor firm is to liaise with the police or other relevant authorities on your behalf. This includes advising you on how to answer questions posed to you by the police, if at all.

When should you give us a call?

Call solicitors for fraud as soon as you’re made aware of the charges. Acting early by obtaining legal representation will influence whether a charge or conviction is made.

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