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What to know when facing a restraint order and how a solicitor for fraud can help
02 Dec 2020

Few situations in life can be compared to the stress, fear and anxiety that can arise when facing criminal charges. With the legal support and assistance provided by a fraud solicitor, much of this stress and anxiety can be alleviated. To best defend a criminal charge or when having one’s assets seized such as in a restraint order, it is important to rely on a fraud solicitor who is especially adept at handling such types of charges and investigations. Being issued with a restraint order suggests that one is suspected of committing a serious criminal offence. At ABV Solicitors, we put the in-depth knowledge of the law and wealth of experience of our legal experts in the legal field to the benefit of our clients.

Why a proactive approach is the best way to manage a restraint order

As is the case in many legal matters, time is of the essence and this is true too in regards to handling restraint orders successfully. Anyone served with such an order has very little time in which to respond – typically one is given just 21 days in which to furnish the authorities with the required witness statements or other material relevant to the case that are in the hands of third parties (third parties extend to include banks and other financial institutions).

This short notice period highlights the urgency of compliance which must also be properly managed by a fraud solicitor, as any information provided found to be false may result in one facing criminal prosecution in consequence.

If such an option can be considered, an expert solicitor for fraud will know how to go about securing an extension to the deadline to submit documentation to the authorities.

When issued with a restraint order, it is quite common not to have access to any assets or proceeds from the activities pertinent to the case, however, an experienced solicitor for fraud will have the necessary proficiencies to negotiate a way for their client to receive an allowance from the confiscated money, to pay for living expenses which must be deemed within reason.

Another way in which our professional legal advice and assistance may be to the benefit of our clients is to determine whether the restraint order can be altogether discharged – this will depend on the particulars relevant to each individual case. It is not unheard of for authorities to aggressively pursue individuals thought to be engaged in criminal activities and there is always the possibility of restraint orders not being obtained lawfully.

The nature of restraint orders allow for these to have far reaching consequences for those who are issued with them.

Contact us for professional advice and assistance in matters relating to restraint orders. Let our well-experienced team of solicitors for fraud at ABV Solicitors help in protecting your interests. We are noted for successfully representing our clients and providing them with much needed legal advice and support in a range of criminal charges and investigations including unexplained wealth orders, FCA investigations and section 2 compulsion notices.

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