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Worried that your business may be targeted by fraud? 5 ways our fraud solicitor can help
23 Nov 2020

When you are starting up a new business venture, there are lots of metaphorical boxes that need ticking.

If you are operating a shop-front business, have you managed to secure a suitable property? Are you certain that all of your staff are suitable? Do you have all of the necessary starts up finances in case things go wrong? Are your online systems protected against fraud?

While it is an area that many business owners unintentionally overlook, fraud of any kind can have a devastating impact on your company. Not only can it drain finances, but it can also create secondary issues such as loans and credit secured in your name by fraudsters, leading to more problems if not addressed immediately.

So, if you are new to business ownership and want to prevent your company from being targeted, contact our team at ABV Solicitors.

At ABV Solicitors, our fraud solicitor can help you to protect your business from the word go and can offer you ongoing support. We can help if your business is attacked by fraudsters and can assist you with any legal ramifications should this occur. We pride ourselves on offering all of our business clients jargon-free, easy to understand advice, so if you want to make your business impermeable to thieves, contact us today!

But how exactly can our fraud solicitor protect your business against fraud?

Identify weak spots

There is a saying; a chain is only as strong as the weakest part. When it comes to areas in your business that can be easily accessed, such as online accounts, our fraud solicitor can help to not only identify such areas but can suggest ways to strengthen them too. As internet-based fraud is on the rise, we can suggest suitable systems to protect your business, while also advising you on new ways to carry out online transactions.

Suggest suitable security systems

Of course, security isn’t just about protecting online finances.

If your business has a physical location, such as a shop or office block, we can provide you with information about the most suitable security systems, to keep an eye on things.

Everything from alarms, to strategically placed CCTV cameras, can help keep your business interests safe.

Assess financial security

In small scale businesses, it is unlikely that many staff members will have access to the financial areas of the company, such as payments and invoices.

However, in medium to large-sized businesses, you will need to protect financial security to prevent money from moving without your knowledge and, once again, our team can provide you with the most suitable way to do this for your business model.

Suggest training

Fighting fraud in business is a team effort and, while you would like to do it all yourself, our solicitors can offer you advice on ways to train your staff to identify potentially fraudulent activity.

Conduct audit

Our solicitors can also conduct a company-wide audit to ensure that your business has not unknowingly been targeted for fraud in the past.

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