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Why you need a solicitor for fraud to assist in defending immigration fraud allegations
16 Dec 2020

There is no sidestepping the critical role a fraud solicitor can play in providing much needed legal advice and support to clients facing allegations of fraud. Of equal importance is seeking this professionally-based support as soon as possible in order to safeguard one’s interests.

Fraud investigations and charges extend into various areas within financial and criminal fields and there are specific laws and regulations governing each, which is why hiring a specialist fraud solicitor – one who is not just knowledgeable in these laws, but also, proficient in the practice of fraud law – is of the utmost importance.

It is in the client’s own interests to seek legal representation as soon as they receive any notice of being investigated or suspected of committing any offence as the investigation begins, as this can prove highly influential in the final outcome of the investigation – whether the clients face a charge or the case is dropped altogether.

At ABV Solicitors, our dedicated fraud solicitor has the professional qualifications and required proficiencies to advise and assist clients in handling fraud allegations including immigration fraud against them, initiated by various law enforcement agencies. We urge clients to get in touch with us to avoid the overwhelming stress that can arise from the fear and uncertainty of one’s future when facing such allegations.

How can a solicitor for fraud help?

Our team of highly experienced solicitors for fraud are renowned for their focused proactive approach in defending clients facing arrest for an offence involving immigration fraud. Immigration fraud covers a diverse array of offences from the various types of visa fraud to sponsorship fraud and working illegally in the U.K.

The scope of our legal services extends to include a number of ways to assist:

Representing foreign nationals who have been detained by the authorities.

Offering interpreting and translation services to foreign nationals. A language barrier should not prevent one from receiving the best legal defence. We acknowledge that for our clients whose first language is other than English, facing such allegations can be exceedingly overwhelming which is why our team of competent fraud solicitors can communicate in a variety of languages.

It is not uncommon for foreign nationals, especially those who aren’t proficient in their English language skills, to be suspected of an immigration fraud offence – fluency in the language plays a huge role in meeting the demands of the legal procedures involved in the related legal process and fulfilling requirements to gain lawful entry into the U.K.

There are a multitude of advantages in seeking the counsel of a solicitor for fraud, including the possibility of having charges laid against you dismissed. Another is the access to full particulars of the charge that is usually not provided until a person has to attend an interview at the police station. Many clients report that they found this interview to be quite intimidating and oppressive – much of which can be alleviated by having legal counsel attend the interview with you.

For the best legal help available in matters involving fraud rely on ABV Solicitors and our exceptional team of legal experts including solicitors for fraud.

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