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Why might I be in need of a criminal solicitor?
20 Jan 2021

When an accusation of a criminal offence has been made against someone it can be an unsettling and overall distressing experience from start to finish. The accusations can range from violent crimes to serious drug offences to terrorism and many more. It is during this time in particular that having an experienced criminal solicitor working alongside you can be extremely beneficial. An accused’s reputation may have been stained and in turn had a domino affect on those around them. A criminal record or negative entry on your DBS check can have a detrimental effect on future careers and life choices, as well as causing distress amongst families, sometimes even resulting in the breakdown of relationships between relatives and friends.

My partner has been arrested and will be having an interview at the police station, can ABV Solicitors assist?

When an interview under caution is to take place it is highly recommended to ensure that you have a solicitor join you, as is your right. First impressions in any circumstance hold a lot of weight in a situation and this interview is no different. Your reputation is on the line and with the help of our highly experienced criminal solicitor we can ensure that you are putting across your ‘best side’ and are fully aware of the situation you are in. For instance, there is a big difference between being invited to a voluntary interview and being arrested. This may sound the same to you, but in reality it creates a crucial difference, as your personal and professional life can be heavily impacted by an arrest.

During this interview another reason why we strongly recommend having our criminal solicitor by your side is because we believe that it is during this interview that the decision on your case can be made. The importance of each answer to the questions posed during this time can, in our opinion, even decide whether a case is won or lost.

ABV Solicitors, why choose us?

When potentially facing criminal charges it is essential that you choose the correct specialist in law to suit your individual case from the very beginning. The impact of accomplishing this from the outset can help make the decision as to whether or not a prosecution occurs. We at ABV Solicitors are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are able to offer you advice on every step of your journey whilst facing criminal accusations.

Once your interview under caution is at an end we do not just leave you to pick up the pieces. Cuts to legal funding have caused aftercare issues. However, we at ABV Solicitors, understand that the events that have occurred may have caused suspensions with employers or affected other parts of your life. As long as we have your permission, we will contact your employer on your behalf and act as your representative. We do not just support you during the interview, we ensure you feel fully supported from start to finish.

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