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How can a criminal solicitor assist when facing serious drug offences?
13 Jan 2021

Despite there being a variety of drugs on the market in today’s society, when accused of supplying or importing illegal drugs it is considered to be a serious drug offence. In recent years synthetic drugs have been added to the list of illegal drugs and the importation or supplying of such drugs can come with a high price to pay. When facing serious drug offence charges, along with the seriousness of the supply of drugs comes the potential problems of money laundering, jurisdiction issues and overseas evidence. Therefore the accusations are never clear cut and require a criminal solicitor who has in-depth knowledge of how these proceedings work. Our solicitors at ABV have years of experience with cases revolving around drugs and our expertise on the issue can keep you fully informed of the processes that you are facing and provide you with all the necessary advice.

How long will the investigation into my alleged offence take?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide a length of time a case will take. Every single case, no matter what the offence, has many areas of investigation and this is the same when facing serious drug offences. For instance, the following agencies may be involved in the investigation as there can be a variety of questions raised in different areas. These can and are not limited to the following; customs (HMRC), the National Crime Agency and the police. You may feel as though your individual case is not serious, but whilst using their investigative skills combined with their legal powers you may soon be on the receiving end of a highly invasive and far reaching investigation. Each case is treated with the utmost importance and seriousness, which is why we at ABV Solicitors are here to assist you with every step of this journey.

How do I know that ABV Solicitors have my best interests in mind?

As soon as you have discussed your case with one of our criminal solicitors we will begin our journey together by creating a team that suits your case and will be proactive from start to finish. From the moment we join forces with you we begin gathering evidence; interview any witnesses which may be involved, obtain all possible CCTV and instruct our experts on defending any and all allegations made against you. Alongside this, in order to potentially affect the decision to prosecute we will make immediate representations to prosecutions. By taking this vigorous and proactive approach we are putting our best foot forward and fighting the accusations from the outset.

Our team of highly experienced criminal solicitors are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you are always supported through the entire process, so this means we are with you upon entering the police station through to going to court. ABV Solicitors are recognised as leaders within our field by the firms Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners and have a proven track record of defending our clients effectively and efficiently.

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