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What is the role of a solicitor in a criminal case?
28 Feb 2020

As criminal solicitors, our firm understands that the only similarity that could occur between our clients is that the crimes for which they are being accused are similar. Therefore, the service you will receive from our legal team is personalised for your circumstances.

ABV Solicitors see individuals from all walks of life, with some having a partial understanding of the law, while others are unaware of their fundamental legal rights.

Our principal role as crime solicitors is to assist you by providing legal advice, support, protection and representation by our best crime lawyers.

In short, we advocate your position by preparing and presenting your side of the story. Sometimes, we are approached by those accused of serious crimes, and it is our responsibility to manage their expectations while ensuring that they receive a just trial.

If our clients cannot avoid jail time, we will argue to reduce your sentence when there are mitigating circumstances.

A step-by-step process of a primary criminal solicitor’s responsibilities

Our first port of call when tackling a new case is to conduct a thorough analysis. We must look at all of the details before we begin preparing your defence and decide upon the correct way in which it must be tackled.

Once we have taken a good, hard look at your case file, our next step, as your criminal solicitor, is to collect information, which includes evidence and witness statements, in order to help strengthen your case.

While the above is taking place, we will provide our clients with regular updates on how the case is proceeding.

Our responsibilities do not just end there as we also need to disclose all of the details of the allegations made against you. This also includes discussing your options as to whether you should plead guilty or not.

What qualities make a competent crime solicitor?

The experience, skill, training, and expertise of your lawyer can affect your case, which is why you should look for the below critical characteristics while searching for a suitable legal representative.


In-depth knowledge of criminal law is essential to ensure that one’s client’s legal rights are not being abused.

At the same time, knowing how to act and what strategies to devise requires an enquiring mind.

For these reasons, it is always in your best interest to seek out a criminal solicitor with experience, who has handled cases similar to yours before.

Handle stressful and emotionally-filled situations carefully and professionally

An experienced crime solicitor is no stranger to long hours and difficult circumstances. Therefore, he or she must be devoted to your case and able to take calls, attend proceedings and more without delay.

Often, an unpredictable turn of events can occur in court, for example, when new evidence is brought forward by the prosecution. It is our job to know how to handle unprepared situations like these and think quickly on the spot.

At the same time, while knowledge and experience are necessary, so is empathy. We understand how traumatic the experience may be for you. Therefore, our objective for individual cases is to be proactive and personally involved, taking accountability for the outcome of your case.

Accused of a serious crime? You’ll need a highly experienced criminal solicitor

A criminal solicitor will take your security seriously