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A criminal solicitor will take your security seriously
06 Mar 2020

It is an understood concept in any law firm that your personal information is to be protected, with a strict cover of confidentiality on any piece of information relative to you. However, most law firms are oblivious of the fact that this aspect of confidentiality can be easily breached and hence, client confidentiality becomes a worrying concern when seeking help from a criminal solicitor.

We are proud to say that we prioritise our clients and fully support them in every aspect, especially client confidentiality and disclosure. Every professional in our practice understands their duty regarding when to keep information confidential, and when to disclose information, all in accordance with the law, thus ensuring the security of our client.

This duty of a worker in a law firm becomes even more impactful and important when the case involved is a criminal case, and more so when it is followed by the press. In such cases, the privacy of the client is at risk as journalists, and other freelancing blog writers, swarm to gather any piece of personal information linking to the defendant.

In the event of a confidential information leak, your personal safety, and that of your friends and family, come to risk from the press.  In the case where the defendant is acquitted of all charges in a criminal case, or no further action is to be taken against him, the leak of his corresponding personal information becomes another problem for him later as he could face harassment and unwanted attention, or even annoying journalists knocking at his door, and these are only some small consequences.

Your criminal solicitor rightfully and legally respects your privacy and works to resolve demanding cases such as those involving serious crime, all while upholding the confidentiality and disclosure laws of information about you within a strict legal jurisdiction.

Every crime solicitor here understands the importance of such information and knows the legal boundaries which dictate the circumstances under which confidential information is to be disclosed.

Hence, we can confidently say that if you are being represented for a criminal offence by us, you can rest assured that the confidentiality of information given by you to your criminal solicitor will be absolutely respected and upheld even after the case has been resolved.

Moreover, our crime solicitors boast an impressive track record of not only resolving and helping our clients to obtain an acquittal from all charges, but we do not have any historical occurrences which involve any leak of confidential information to unauthorised entities, or disclosing such information under the wrong circumstances.

These are just a few of the many reasons that we are trusted with difficult and complex cases with full confidence. We look forward to meeting you and helping you through this time.

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