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Accused of a serious crime? You’ll need a highly experienced criminal solicitor
21 Feb 2020

Being charged with any criminal offence should never be taken lightly. Having the support of a highly experienced and skilled criminal solicitor could be the difference between facing long jail time or having your sentence reduced, or even the charges dropped altogether.

No case is too big or small for our criminal solicitors at ABV Solicitors. We will provide you with support, sound legal advice, and representation during this highly distressing time.

While we will do everything possible to aid and educate you, we believe that it is essential to have some understanding of the charges brought against you, which may require self-learning. This article aims to answer your frequently asked questions, to keep you informed about every crucial stage of the investigation.

What activities are dubbed criminal

There is a broad spectrum of criminal activities and offences ranging from minor, such as a traffic violation, to severe, such as murder or culpable homicide. You must understand the nature of the crime for which you have been accused and become aware of the repercussions should you be found guilty.

Whatever you are being charged with, you have rights, which must be upheld. These include:

What should I do if I am arrested?

The most important thing to remember if you are arrested is that you have the right to remain silent. This includes signing any documents, apart from a written description of your rights, unless your legal representative is present. You could be implicated by anything you say, however inconsequential it may seem to you.

If you have information that proves you’re innocent of any wrongdoing, ensure that you have a crime solicitor there to present these findings on your behalf.

What if I cannot afford a lawyer?

If the fees of a private criminal solicitor are unaffordable to you, you should not defend yourself because you do not possess legal knowledge. Therefore, you will not know how to cross-examine witnesses properly and object to evidence brought in by the prosecution if it is inadmissible, nor will you adequately or correctly present your evidence.

Instead, you can apply for legal aid. Please bear in mind that this application will not automatically grant you free legal services. You will have to undergo a means and merits test, which may qualify you for legal aid.

The appointed legal aid office will represent you for your entire case.

How much are lawyer fees?

Our fee guide varies according to the particulars of the case, where a ballpark figure is discussed ahead of time.

Some lawyers charge on an hourly basis while others settle on a fixed-price; our firm offers both methods for your convenience.

While more expensive, private funding can work to your advantage and help you to reach the most desirable outcome for your case. In this regard, we will begin working immediately on your case. Our criminal solicitor will offer 24-hour assistance and we provide second-to-none representation should your case stand trial.

What are the key components of a good criminal solicitor?

What is the role of a solicitor in a criminal case?