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What is a criminal solicitor ?
14 Sep 2020

A criminal solicitor is a legal professional who specialises within the field of criminal law. An individual may seek the legal support of a criminal solicitor if they have been accused of an allegation such as murder or manslaughter, serious drug offences, terrorism, violent crimes, money laundering, ignoring restraint orders, or possibly if they are involved in a case of cash seizure and forfeiture.

Is a criminal solicitor at ABV Solicitors right for you?

If you have been accused of any of the crimes above and are searching for the legal intervention of a criminal solicitor, then our firm could be the perfect option for your unique legal case. At ABV Solicitors we are deemed as the United Kingdom’s leading criminal defence specialists within the field of criminal law, which means we are fully equipped to deal with cases of a wide range of profiles and complexities. Many of our clients may be seeking the intervention of a criminal solicitor for the very first time, they may therefore require a little help when attempting to navigate the complicated maze of the law, which is something our experts always strive to help with.

At ABV Solicitors we’re here to support you at every stage of the legal process

Many of our clients may be accused of serious criminal acts regarding their legal cases, they may therefore be attempting to balance the maintenance of their work and personal lives, in addition to the legal proceedings of their case. If you are finding it hard to balance these factors then you need not fear, our legal team not only informs you of every progression your legal case makes, but we also strive to lift the burden of legal matters from our clients’ shoulders.

At ABV Solicitors we provide a legal service our clients can trust

Choosing the right law firm to support their unique legal case can be a difficult decision for many of our clients and is therefore one that should not be taken lightly, whatever the situation. In addition to the wealth of experience our firm provides to our clients, we also hold our lawyers in high regard, as they are invaluable contributors to our successful cases.

Meet the team that will be representing your legal case

Akhtar Ahmad is one of our leading directors, and is noted for his expertise within the field of criminal law. Akhtar Ahmad is described as a man who can cope with the most stressful and high-profile situations and is also well known for his work within the field of terrorism. The ABV Solicitors team is often described as being ‘extremely competent’, but we are also compassionate placing our clients’ needs at the top of our priority list. In addition, our experienced lawyers work to thoroughly prepare every case they choose to represent, therefore making for a far more successful outcome for our clients. Since Robert Borwick co-founded and overhauled our firm’s policies in 2006, we believe our firm has grown, using both the support of legal aid in addition to many of our clients deciding to privately fund their cases through the use of insurance, or personal funds.

The criminal solicitor services on offer at ABV Solicitors

Do you require the legal support of a criminal solicitor?