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Do you require the legal support of a criminal solicitor?
21 Sep 2020

If you are an individual who has been accused of a criminal offence such as terrorism, serious drug crime, violent crime, cash seizure and forfeiture, money laundering, or even an allegation as severe as murder or manslaughter, then you may wish to seek the legal aid of a criminal solicitor, as soon as you’re able.

Why is seeking early legal intervention so important?

Many law firms may suggest to their clients that they seek early legal intervention as soon as they can, this can ensure the solicitor is able to build a stronger case as rapidly as possible, consequently leading to the best possible outcome for the individual.

Why choose our firm to receive the help of a criminal solicitor?

Choosing the right firm to represent your unique legal case can be an extremely difficult decision for many individuals to make, especially for those who are involved in a legal battle for the first time in their lives.

Our team represents cases of high profile

At our firm we represent defendants in cases of great complexity and with a high profile, both in the UK and also on an international scale. Our services have been instrumental in some of the most serious cases within the United Kingdom, we are also proud to be deemed as the UK’s leading criminal defence specialists, with an excellent reputation within the areas we choose to represent.

What makes our legal services unique?

Within the field of criminal law we understand that there is ever increasing competition when it comes to the firms that are striving to represent any client’s unique legal case. At ABV Solicitors we strive to defend not only your rights, but we also aim to protect your personal and professional interests simultaneously.

Did you know?

At ABV Solicitors we are considered as experts when defending clients who are facing an extensive array of criminal allegations, our experienced team of legal professionals deal with a multitude of cases, which ensures they are fully equipped to deal with any accusation that comes their way however big or small it may be.

How can being accused of a criminal offence affect my work and personal life?

Being accused of any criminal offence can unfortunately have a drastic effect on both your personal relationships such as close family and friends, and even relationships with your work colleagues, in addition to your potential career prospects. Clients who are being faced with these life changing accusations can risk losing not only their integrity and reputation, but they could also be potentially gaining a criminal record and failing an enhanced DBS check.

Putting our best foot forward

In addition to our experienced team of lawyers we are also lucky enough to be supported by some of the best forensic specialists within their field. In addition, our lawyers are also recommended by leading barristers, whilst we ensure we are available to our clients 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

Catering for all of our clients’ needs

At ABV Solicitors, our services strive to cater for all of our clients’ needs, this means we are available to tend to all of their queries or concerns at all times, whenever they require assistance.

What is a criminal solicitor ?

Why choose ABV for your criminal solicitor?