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The criminal solicitor services on offer at ABV Solicitors
07 Sep 2020

At ABV Solicitors we are regarded as the United Kingdom’s leading criminal defence specialists, which we believe speaks volumes for the superior standard of legal support we provide to our clients. If you have been put into the position of defending yourself against a criminal allegation and require the support of a law firm then our ABV Solicitor services could be the perfect option for your defence. Just a few examples of the many criminal legal services we provide to our clients consist of defending them against accusations of money laundering, immigration fraud, trading standards prosecutions, unexplained wealth orders, investment fraud, and even corporate facilitation to evade tax.

Are our criminal solicitor services right for you?

If you are an individual who is looking for an experienced team of legal professionals who defend clients’ cases on both a national and international scale and offer criminal solicitor  services, then ABV Solicitors could be the perfect option for your unique legal case.

What do our clients say about our firm?

Located on a modern and easily accessible legal website we provide a plethora of positive client testimonials, which we believe exemplify the high standard of legal service we provide to our clients. Many of our clients and potential clients will observe that we have acted on a broad range of multi-million pound cases both within the UK and globally, we also prepare our cases extremely thoroughly and place the care of our clients at the top of our priority list, every time.

Meet the key individuals representing your criminal law case

Just one example of our key individuals is Deepak VIJ, Deepak is highly ranked as a leading individual within the legal field of financial crime by The Legal 500, as well as our chamber and partners. Deepak is the head of the fraud and complex crime department at our firm, he is not only extremely skilled and knowledgeable, but he is also rated highly because of his applied expertise in significant fraud and money-laundering cases on both a national and international scale.

Getting the legal assistance you require as soon as possible

Much like every law firm our team of legal professionals suggest that our clients get in touch with our firm as soon as possible in order to make the entire legal process run far smoother for all parties involved.

Why is early legal intervention so important within the legal process?

Early legal intervention can not only ensure that our team gathers all of the necessary documents and information to build a strong case against your accusation, however it can also massively influence the early events within the legal process which often affect the final result of the legal case.

How to get in touch with our firm

If our legal services look like they could work for your unique legal case then you may wish to get in touch with a member of our team at ABV Solicitors, our firm not only provides our clients with the possibility of direct contact through options such as our telephone number and our email address, but we also provide a rapid online approach which allows even our busiest clients to receive the legal support they require whatever their social or work commitments.

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