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Terrorism; Our criminal solicitor explains
21 Mar 2022

So, you’ve been accused of terrorism, what now? Don’t panic, our criminal solicitor knows exactly what to do. We understand the devastating and long last effects that a terrorism allegation may have on a person as well as those around them, so we take it very seriously. We have extensive experience and unique knowledge from working on previous cases of a similar situation and can offer advice and support during the difficult time.

Here at ABV Solicitors, we listen to our clients. We want to know everything you have to say and will support you to our full extent. Our swift and diligent plans work together precisely to get you to your best possible position in any and all situations.

If you’re worrying about your upcoming trial or terrorism allegation, do not panic. Below, our criminal solicitor will talk you through what to expect and hopefully answer any questions you might. If we miss something, get in contact with us!

What does a terrorism accusation include?

The laws and acts surrounding terrorism allegations are often very complex and include a variety of different situations or concepts. Terrorism, put in simplified terms by our criminal solicitor, can be defined as a threat of action used to intimidate the public that is for the purpose of advancing religious, political or ideological causes. Examples of situations that may have lead to you getting a terrorism accusation include damaging property, violence against the public or the police, endangering the health of the general public and any acts that were put in place to disrupt the electoral system.

What are the consequences?

The consequences of a terrorism accusation can be severe, not only in the terms of the law. They might put your mental health at risk as well damaging your relationships and ruining your reputation, which is why it is important to have us behind you every step of the way. The maximum sentence for these accusations can include life imprisonment and may have more consequences depending on the things you are being accused of. You might be charged under varying acts and offences, which our solicitor will talk about below.

What are the processes like?

There are three main offences that are often talked about or carried out following a terrorism accusation. At first, they might seem overwhelming and confusing, so we would recommend getting in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

Firstly, the preparation of terrorist acts under section 5. This act includes preparing to make commitments to a terrorist organisation or encouraging another person to do so. To be charged, there must be evidence that you intend to carry out a terrorist act.

Under the collecting information act, there must be evidence that you are collecting information to aid or carry out a terrorist act.

Finally, it is an offence to encourage terrorist acts to the public. Assisting or helping to prepare for a terrorist act can also gain you a terrorism accusation.

We will act quickly and use our knowledge and skills to get you your most favourable position, helping you to prepare for questioning and investigation.

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