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Murder; A quick guide by our criminal solicitor
14 Mar 2022

When a murder claim or accusation is made, it is normal to feel panicked and irrational. You might be left feeling confused, upset or even blindsided. That is where our criminal solicitor comes in. Before you panic, get in touch with us so we can shed some light on the situation and get you into your most favourable position before questioning.

Here at ABV Solicitors, getting you in your most favourable position is the most important thing to us. We want you to be completely on board with our plan and understand everything that is going to happen in the future. Defending you is our only priority.

Below, our criminal solicitor will discuss murder accusations and explain the consequences, processes and exactly how we can help.

What is a murder accusation?

There are a variety of situations that may fall under a murder or manslaughter allegation. These include corporate manslaughter, gross negligence manslaughter, gang related murder, revenge murder, domestic killings, honour killings, honey trap murders, contract killings and discrimination murder. If you believe that one of these refers to your accusation, you can rest easy knowing that our criminal solicitor has the knowledge and skills to advise you throughout the process. Your accusation might have come about from a one on one fight that escalated, meaning that there could be eye witnesses which will be extremely important to our defence. We will interview them thoroughly to get everything we need to defend you to our best ability.

What are the consequences and processes of this accusation?

With murder accusations, there are often varying levels of evidence relied on depending on the complexity of the case. The different types of evidence could be witnesses, DNA, social media history or videos, telephone records, CCTV, site analysis, vehicle movement, fingerprints, any weapons found or gunshot residue. This is a long list, meaning that there are plenty of ways that we can prove the allegation to be false.

Intent is very important in these cases. To be found guilty, there must not only be evidence that a murder was comitted but also there was intent or preplanning. In some cases, preplanning may not be required to find a person guilty.

An exploration of your mind and mental state will also be required and could prove instrumental in getting you your most favourable outcome.

Your situation may also have come about due to an act of self defence. In this instance, you might have been defending yourself and had no real intent to harm another person, just protect yourself. We promise to cover this base thoroughly.

Finally, an alibi will be a solid piece of evidence and go a long way in proving your innocence or denying your involvement with the murder. We will also thoroughly look into causation.

How can we help?

The first step when faced with a murder accusation should always be to come to us to provide legal advice and defence. We take these allegations extremely seriously due to devastating consequences and outcomes and promise to act swiftly with all of our knowledge and skills in play. We’re your first step to freedom.

What can our criminal solicitor do for you?

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