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The role of a criminal solicitor in murder charges
22 Mar 2022

To be accused of murder is possibly one of the most traumatic and frightening situations you may find yourself in during your lifetime. Whether it is a false accusation or you have unwittingly committed a crime, a murder charge can have a devastating impact for you and everyone else involved. Not only can it have a tremendous effect on your mental health, but it can have a devastating influence on all aspects of your life. A murder accusation can result in the breakdown of your relationships with your friends and family, you may lose your job, it may damage your career prospects permanently and it can result in financial ruin. If you are found guilty of murder then you may be served with life imprisonment.

You need to speak to us immediately. It is vital that you speak to our criminal solicitor here at ABV Solicitors from the outset to make sure that there are minimal complications to your case. A murder charge is one of the most serious criminal offences that you can be accused of, so speak to us today and let us delegate a specialist and experienced criminal solicitor to your case.

A leading firm of solicitors

Here at ABV Solicitors we have been involved in some of the most complex and high-profile prosecution cases in the UK. Thanks to our outstanding reputation we are one of the leading criminal defence specialists in the country and we can represent clients, not only on a national level, but on an international level too where necessary.

If you employ our firm our criminal solicitor is able to provide you with police station advice and assistance 24 hours of the day. This is crucial for helping to achieve a positive outcome in your case. In the first few moments of your arrest it is critical that you remain calm and that you remember to ask to contact us immediately. By speaking to the police or authorities by yourself there is more chance that you will implicate yourself further and cause more complications, which may have a negative impact later on. Our criminal solicitor will be able to buy you time to gather your thoughts and calm your nerves. We will find out more about the situation from your point of view and we will speak to the authorities to be clear what you are being accused of. We will advise how you should answer any questions or if you should answer any questions at all at this point. Once we have found out what the charges are, we will begin to collate the evidence immediately. We will try to gather any witnesses and we will complete all paperwork quickly and correctly so that there are no unnecessary delays in your case.

You will receive our professional and specialist assistance and advice throughout every step of the process. We will provide you with high-quality representation in court to the best of our ability, to help you achieve the most positive outcome possible for you in this situation. Speak to us at ABV Solicitors without delay.

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