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What is the role of a Sexual Offence Solicitor?
24 Feb 2021

When facing false accusations, particularly around that of a sexual nature, it is necessary to have the support of people who have experience in this particular sector and are able to provide you with the precise knowledge you may be lacking. ABV Solicitors are experts in law and have a variety of specialist teams, including specialists in crimes of a sexual nature.

Accusations of any nature can be unsettling and have a devastating effect on your life and often leave devastation in the lives of those around you. A false accusation of a sexual nature can be extremely traumatic and due to the sensitivity of the accusation it is vital to work quickly and efficiently to reduce the impact on your life as much as possible. In order to eliminate any rumours which may be a result of the accusations we need you, the client, to work with our team by contacting us as soon as an accusation has been made. We work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week so that you will always have support no matter what time you need it.

So aside from providing you with the legal advice and emotional support that you will need during this time, from the moment you contact us we begin using valuable resources to support your individual case. Gathering witness statements, obtaining vital camera footage and combining our knowledge with our excellent resources to get your case off to a positive start. Cases which have been battled vigorously from the outset often have a positive outcome as evidence and statements are fresh.

How do I know that ABV Solicitors are reputable and have experience in dealing with sexual offence crimes?

When choosing a Sexual Offence Solicitor you want to know that they have experience fighting these types of cases and that it does not just exist on paper but is shown in previous cases. This is why our website provides you with evidence of our notable cases within this field which you are able to look through. By providing you with evidence of our successes and experience working with cases of a sexual nature we hope to put to rest any uncertainty on your part. However, we are here to answer your questions should you need further confirmation on our reputation and experience. In order to work successfully as a team we need you to have faith in our Sexual Offence Solicitors and therefore encourage you to research our company and ask us as many questions as you need. Our aim is to work with you and to do that you need to trust us.

Over the years our company has worked hard on gaining an excellent reputation by providing high quality representation through a variety of complex offences. Working closely with leading Barristers, Queen’s Counsel and Forensic experts within Criminal Law we are able to provide our clients with a strong, knowledgeable team.

Find us, research us and call us as soon as possible so that together we can begin working on positive solutions to your case.

Are you a victim and in need of a Sexual Offence Solicitor?

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