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Are you a victim and in need of a Sexual Offence Solicitor?
17 Feb 2021

When the word victim is used, for the majority of people the immediate thought is that of the person who has made the accusation. However, what about the falsely accused victim? When facing allegations of a sexual nature the impact on your life and those around you can be devastating and long lasting. Relationships can suffer, work can be negatively impacted and future career options can disappear. This is why as soon as an allegation is made you need to contact our highly qualified team so that together we can work on reducing the impact of the accusation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How does the Sexual Offence Solicitor work on clearing my name?

Once you have spoken with our team and we are fully aware of your case we will begin building your case against the allegation.

In order to decide how to proceed with the case, your Solicitor will need to liaise with the accusers legal team. Whilst you are not present during the meeting we want you to know that your Sexual Offence Solicitor will be working in your best interests at all times. Once an arrangement has been discussed this will be brought back to you and we can decide together as a team on the best course of action to take. Whilst we provide the expertise and knowledge the person in question is you which is why you are fully involved throughout the whole process.

Whilst supporting you during this difficult and upsetting time our legal team will be carrying out a lot of research in order to support your innocence. In order to do this we will need to look into communication between yourself and the accuser such as emails, text messages and other methods of contact. Understand that this is not done in an invasive way but it does seek to gain as much evidence in support of your innocence. We are on your side and working with you on your defence.

Along with looking into communications between yourself and the accuser we will work hard to locate potential witnesses and get statements from them along with looking into potential camera footage. By obtaining this information early on and using our proactive approach we will be setting your case up for success.

Whilst our approach to looking into the accusation will be sensitive to your feelings, please be aware that the investigation into you from the accuser’s solicitors could be highly invasive and leave a trail of destruction in its path. Often when someone faces accusations of a sexual crime the impact is far reaching and family and friends can come under scrutiny. This is why it is vital having a knowledgeable legal team working on your side, as we are there to defend and protect your rights.

With our Sexual Offence Solicitors working on your case you can rest assured that you are providing yourself with the best chance you have in clearing your name and returning to your life with minimal devastation.

False accusations of a sexual nature being thrown at you and in need of a Sexual Offence Solicitor?

What is the role of a Sexual Offence Solicitor?