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What are the benefits of hiring a sexual offence solicitor?
06 May 2020

One of the top most reasons we believe it is crucial to hire a sexual offence solicitor when you are facing claims of sexual wrongdoing is because of the serious impact the allegations, even minor ones that may not at first seem significant, can have on your life. Without the right legal advice from a sexual offence solicitor to guide you, there is an increased likelihood of you being convicted of a sex offence crime and being imprisoned. Another equally frightening scenario is being found guilty of an offence, even though you are innocent and paying for it for the rest of your life. Is it worth the risk not to seek legal help from a sexual offence solicitor?

 Reasons to enlist the help of professional solicitors for sex offence allegations

While an investigation of sexual wrongdoing is being carried out, it may seem as if the person under investigation’s life is put on hold. Investigations of this kind are known to be disruptive and intrusive and this can be intensified if you are not aware of what the police are legally entitled to do and what they are not, during an interview for instance. Having a sex offence solicitor who knows what they are doing represent you, can streamline a very difficult process.

It is only logical that the consequences of a crime are related to the level of the allegations made – the more serious the claim, the heavier the penalties will be (including the far reaching consequences on everyday living). A good case in point is an allegation of rape which can impose challenges for you in finding a proper job in the future. We believe, therefore, that it is important to try and lessen the level of any charge to avoid such difficulties. An experienced sex offence solicitor will work to lighten the charges so that in the event of you being found guilty, the consequences will not be as dire.

Increase the possibility of a lighter sentence

One of the end goals of a solid defence strategy is to reduce the sentence you are facing. With a poorly put together defence, a defendant can end up with a more punitive sentence. This undesirable risk points to the necessity of engaging with a qualified and skilled solicitor, with the relevant experience in defending sex offences. One way that solicitors are able to lighten the sentences their clients face is through plea deals. If these apply, an experienced solicitor with clever negotiating skills can reduce time spent behind bars. Of course they will first try to avoid their clients having to serve jail time.

We would like to remind clients that heeding the advice of their solicitors is crucial if they want the best possible outcome in defending a sexual wrongdoing claim.

Are you being accused of a sex offence? Get started on your defence now by giving our experienced solicitors for sexual offence at ABV Solicitors a call. No matter the offence, we are here to help you find the best outcome.

Cases where the services of a solicitor for sexual offence may be needed

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