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Cases where the services of a solicitor for sexual offence may be needed
27 Apr 2020

If you are unsure of the correct way to deal with your particular legal case, and are worried about how to resolve your legal predicament, a solicitor for sexual offence could help you. Having a certain level of confusion is common for a layman in the morass of law and legality, and we can give what is often much needed legal direction to many of our clients. Our legal services are not limited to practical action; we also give advice, whether to a private individual or to small or large scale companies, on the correct legal path to take.

Feeling lost?

If you are finding it hard to navigate the world of law it is important to remember that you are not alone. Our services have helped and assisted in a wide range of legal cases, and we would be pleased to aid anyone needing our expertise. Our sexual offence services cater to a wide array of legal cases, and our reputable and professional legal services include support for individuals facing many types of allegations: rape, sexual assault, indecent images and grooming amongst others.

How can our legal team help resolve your situation?

At ABV Solicitors within London we ensure every member of our legal team has completed the necessary academic and practical legal training to practise at our firm. Our lawyers are considered as some of the very best within their field, and have continued to practise an outstanding level of law since our establishment within 2006. If you (or a close friend or family member) are experiencing false allegations, this could have a life-changing effect on both your, or their, personal and work life. However, this is where we can help.

Our services

Our solicitor for sexual offence has a wealth of experience dealing with the defence of those accused of sexual offences, working with some of the most high profile and complex sexual offence cases within recent years. Our specialist legal team believes that early legal intervention is vital in achieving success for our clients. This is why we represent cases of all natures. We represent clients from the police station right through to the magistrates and crown courts, and we even have access to the best forensic scientists within their line of work.

Don’t just take our word for it

Legal allegations are not something to be taken lightly, which is why it is so important to recruit the best solicitors in the field. We believe our legal services are exceptional, however we know how valued client testimonials are and we have many of them attesting to our excellent work on their behalf.

An alternative perspective

Our firm has gained a positive legal reputation both nationally and internationally within recent years, due to our successfully defended high profile and complex legal cases. Our solicitors have defended some of the most serious and high profile prosecutions within the United Kingdom, and many of our clients can vouch for our services.

Client testimonials

We are referred to as ‘some of the leading UK criminal defence specialists’ with an ‘outstanding’ reputation. Located on our website are many positive reviews from our legitimate clients, one example of which states that our client care is ‘exceptional’ as is our preparation of legal cases.

What is a sexual offence solicitor?

What are the benefits of hiring a sexual offence solicitor?