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Our sexual offence solicitor, protecting your rights
03 Mar 2023

An accusation of this nature can easily destroy the reputation of anyone and having a competent, experienced sexual offence solicitor handling your case could be the most prudent decision you ever take. Even an allegation can have devastating consequences for the person being accused and their family. The sensitive nature of these allegations should not be treated lightly and locating the right specialist as soon as possible is vital to achieving the best results. You can rest assured that your consultation will be treated with the utmost discretion and complete confidentiality.

Experienced and thorough

At ABV Solicitors we have the resources, experience, skills and knowledge backed up by an impressive list of successes. Moving quickly will allow our team to be proactive and be able to speak to witnesses and get the relevant evidence together. This can often help to reduce the chances of facing a prosecution. Once you have instructed our sexual offence solicitor you become a client and you will have access to members of our team who will be available at times that suit you. Because we work as a team you are assured of continuity. One of our experts will be on hand to represent you at a police station, or in court rooms. Our resources include access to some of the leading barristers, King’s Counsel, forensic specialists and medical experts.


While technology is often used as a tool to facilitate harm it is also a powerful tool enabling us to gather information to support our evidence. At ABV Solicitors we train and develop paralegals and trainee solicitors who bring energy and knowledge of technology. Our teams utilise this youthful dynamism and experience combined with the knowledge of our more experienced lawyers to provide an ever-evolving service that is suitable for the twenty-first century.

More than legal services!

At ABV Solicitors our teams know what the stress of this type of crime can put on an individual and over time the experience that we have gained has helped many of our clients to cope with different stressful situations. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to dealing with people and we understand that everyone is different and therefore a relevant adapted personal approach is necessary.

Choose wisely

When it comes to selecting a sexual offence solicitor reputation goes a long way to providing peace of mind at a time when your anxiety levels will be through the roof. Working as a team allows us to utilise the experience and skills of all the team members to provide the best solutions. The range of offences that fall under this category in law is enormous and sometimes ignorance of the law can play a part. But of course ignorance of the law is no excuse and it requires the expertise and skill of a trained solicitor with years of experience to guide and help you. Choosing ABV Solicitors to act on your behalf will go a long way to ensuring that you get the best possible result for your particular circumstances. Just remember that procrastination is not an option and the sooner that you get in touch the sooner we can act.

What does a sexual offence solicitor do?

How does the UK legal system ensure a fair trial for both the accused and the victim in sexual offence cases?