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Legal representation from a sexual offence solicitor
06 Jul 2022

A sexual offence allegation can be a highly traumatic situation to find yourself in. It can affect not just your life but also your loved ones, career, finances, social reputation and even mental well-being. If you have been accused of a sexual offence, then it is important that you keep calm and remember to contact us at ABV Solicitors so that we can delegate a sexual offence solicitor for you immediately. An allegation is not the same as a conviction; however, an allegation needs to be dealt with skillfully to help prevent a conviction. This is why it is important that our sexual offence solicitor is involved from the onset.

Leading team of defence solicitors

Regardless of whether or not you have committed a crime, have unwittingly committed a crime or are innocent, you can speak to us at ABV Solicitors. We are one of the leading teams of defence solicitors in the country, and we will make sure that our sexual offence solicitor represents your case to the highest standard to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. We have been defending high-profile sexual offences for many decades, and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you win your case.

The role of our sexual offence solicitor

The current Sexual Offences Act was put into practice in 2003, and our sexual offence solicitor will make you aware of your rights and explain the crime that you are being accused of whilst informing you of the possible consequences if you are found guilty. We understand that a sexual offence allegation can have a significant impact on your family and loved ones. We will take care of completing all the paperwork, gathering evidence, speaking to witnesses where possible and finding out as much information as possible, which will work in your favour to help present your case. We will speak to you where necessary, otherwise, we will allow you the time and space to handle other matters, such as explaining your situation to your loved ones or colleagues and making sure that there are minimal implications where possible.

A sexual offence allegation can lead to the loss of your liberty if not dealt with correctly, this is why it is important that you have an expert approach to achieve the right outcome for your case. By making sure that you have the right type of representation from the early stages, you can allow us to defend these allegations to the best of our abilities. With experience in defending a wide range of allegations of a sexual nature, we will assist you at the police station and represent you at the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court if necessary. With access to some of the leading barristers in the country and forensic and medical experts, you can rest assured that we will put together a strong case for you. Speak to us at ABV Solicitors today for a discreet consultation so that we can delegate a sexual offence solicitor for you.

Not Guilty: Doctor

Achieving a positive outcome with our sexual offence solicitor