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Achieving a positive outcome with our sexual offence solicitor
13 Jul 2022

Most people have described a sexual offence allegation as being one of the most harrowing experiences of their lives. The stigma attached to a sexual offence can have a devastating impact. It can affect your friends, family and loved ones, ruin your social reputation, prevent any chances of further education or a career and result in financial ruin. If you are convicted of a sexual offence, this can lead to the loss of your liberty as you may be given a prison sentence, and this can ultimately affect the rest of your life.

The role of a sexual offences solicitor

Any sexual offence allegation must be dealt with skillfully to ensure minimal implications and a positive outcome where possible. A sexual offence allegation will begin with the accused being placed under arrest and interviewed under caution. Regardless of whether you are wrongly accused, have unwittingly committed a sexual offence or are guilty, it is important that you contact us at ABV Solicitors and speak to our experienced sexual offence solicitor immediately if you find yourself in this situation. The first stage will be very important for setting the scene for the case and determining whether or not there will be a conviction. It is important that you do not agree to be interviewed by the police without first obtaining our advice.

Here at ABV Solicitors, we are pleased to offer you 24-hour assistance, 7 days a week, and given our hard work, determination, empathy and understanding, you can speak to us in confidence and be sure that we have your best interests at heart. We will work vigorously to defend your rights and achieve the best outcome for you.

Visit our website and read our notable case list, displaying the experience of our sexual offence solicitor in dealing with a wide range of sexual offences; this includes rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual grooming and child abuse. We also deal with historical sexual allegations. We will learn your side of the story by speaking to you in detail and finding out your version of events.

It is important that you let our sexual offence solicitor deal with all the proceedings and that you do not contact the person making the allegation in any way whatsoever. We will speak to the police to find out exactly what charges have been made against you; this is very important in the sentencing of a sexual offence allegation and will determine how we put together your defence. We will collect as much evidence as we can and find witnesses that can help your case. We will also complete all paperwork on your behalf to make sure that it is correct and submitted promptly to prevent any unnecessary complications or delays to your case.

Sexual offence cases are complicated situations; therefore, you should speak to us at ABV Solicitors immediately and let us use our knowledge and expertise to put together a strong defence that will achieve a positive outcome for you. We are one of the leading teams of criminal defence solicitors in the country, and we will provide you with advice and representation throughout the process.

Legal representation from a sexual offence solicitor

The importance of a sexual offence solicitor in a sexual offence allegation