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How to take immediate, proactive steps if you are accused of a sexual offence
18 Mar 2020

Being accused of a sexual offence, and the punishments that may follow if you are found guilty, is devastating.

While you cannot control how these allegations may proceed, you have control over the legal representation you hire.

At ABV Solicitors, we will supply you with a skilled sexual offence solicitor to handle your case. Our responsibility is to you from the moment you are accused of the crime, through to your trial should there be one.

What are my legal rights as the alleged perpetrator?

Irrespective of whether you are innocent of the allegations made against you or not, you have legal rights which must be protected under any circumstances.

While some of our clients have an understanding of the law, most do not know their fundamental human rights, which can be detrimental for you and your case if not made aware of them.

It is advisable to practice your right to remain silent if you are arrested without prior notice. You can also procure a sexual offence solicitor , and you can ask for a duty solicitor or call your legal team for advice and support.

What essential qualities should I look for in a sexual offence solicitor?

Being accused of a sexual offence is different from other types of crimes, so you may find that hiring a criminal lawyer with limited experience may work to your disadvantage.

It would help if you had a specialist with adequate skills, training, and experience representing you; i.e a professional who has defended similar types of cases successfully. Ask to see certification of attorneys that you are considering hiring.

Another important quality of a competent sex offence solicitor is confidence, especially for highly sensitive cases like these. We will not, and cannot, by law disclose information to family members, the press, or the public. While we may not keep your case out of the public’s eye, we will do our best to defend your reputation by helping you conduct yourself in the correct manner.

You must feel comfortable with your sex offence solicitor because you will be divulging personal information to them. Additionally, a lawyer should show empathy by understanding the hardships you are experiencing. Providing tireless support in your hour of need, and being entirely honest with you about the outcome of your case, is what we strive for.

Our sexual offence solicitors become personally involved and hold themselves responsible for how your case turns out. A sex offence solicitor who is not wholly vested in the outcome, and whose attention is divided, is not worth your time or money.

What should you not do when accused of a sexual crime?

Consent is a major factor when it comes to sexual offences, and with consent, it is often their word against yours.

If you are innocent of a crime, the last thing you should do is phone your accuser. Instead, find yourself a good lawyer and provide them with any information that may help to show that you reasonably thought that consent was given.

Let them collect evidence and conduct enquiries to help clear you of wrongdoing.

Understanding the sexual offence you have been accused of

Wrongful accusations taken seriously by your sexual offence solicitor