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Understanding the sexual offence you have been accused of
11 Mar 2020

Whether or not you are guilty, you should educate yourself about the sexual crimes you are being accused of because you could be facing possible incarceration.

Sexual offences differ from non-sexual crimes, which is why you need a competent and trained sexual offence solicitor fighting in your corner.

You will receive the strongest defence at our firm, ABV Solicitors, not to mention the utmost professionalism and discretion.

What is a sexual offence?

Knowing what you have been accused of is vital, and so the police officer arresting or interrogating you must inform you of the exact accusations made against you.

A sexual crime, as defined in the Sexual Offences Act of 2003, includes rape, sexual assault and exploitation, sexual grooming, indecent images, and child abuse to name a few.

What are the sexual crimes commonly reported and what are the punishments?

The main types include rape, sexual assault, sexual grooming, and the possession, making and distribution of indecent images.

Rape can be defined as penetration without consent. If found guilty of rape, you can face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Sexual assault is touching a person sexually without their consent. This type of assault carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison.

Grooming occurs when the offender befriends children or mentally disabled adults, intending to start a relationship of a sexual nature in secrecy. Sexual grooming can carry a  ten year imprisonment conviction.

Indecent images of children or persons under eighteen carry different imprisonment terms, depending on whether you are found guilty of possession, or creating and distributing photographs showing sexual activity.

Possession comes with a possible five year incarceration period, while the making or distribution of these photographs carries a more substantial sentence, with a maximum of ten years.

Even if you are innocent, it is essential to become familiar with these definitions because being uninformed about the details of your case could prove damaging. Our sexual offence solicitor will help you to understand information and legal terms that are complex and/or unclear.

Understanding consent and how it could help your case

Consent occurs when all parties involved agree to a sexual experience. A defence that may be used by the accused is that it was reasonably believed that the other person gave his or her full consent.

Sexual offences based on consent can only be used as a defence if it is between two sound-of-mind adults, not children or mentally disabled adults.

Will my case be made public?

Publicity often surrounds sexual crimes. However, as sexual offence solicitors, we must be entirely confidential about your case, which means refusing to divulge information to the press, family, or the prosecution.

Your privacy is our priority as we are aware that these charges could seriously harm your career, relationships with family and friends, and could even put your freedom at risk if you are charged.

Make us your first call

Being accused of a sexual crime should not be taken lightly. Phone us the moment you receive the news because the initial stages of an investigation are crucial.

Act quickly, divulge all information you think may strengthen your case, and be honest with your sexual offence solicitor.

Understanding consent: it could be their word against yours

How to take immediate, proactive steps if you are accused of a sexual offence