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Defend against a sexual offence allegation with the expert guidance of a sexual offence solicitor
18 Jan 2023

A sexual offence is when sexual activity occurs without consent. This covers a wide range of criminal activity that includes sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape. It also includes issues such as child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. Many people are unaware of whether or not they have committed a sexual offence and this can have serious implications including having a false allegation made against you.

Get legal advice from the outset

It is in your best interests that if you believe you may have assaulted someone or carried out some form of sexual offence that, rather than speaking to your friends or family, you contact us at ABV Solicitors. You can explain your situation in confidence, find out whether or not you may have committed a crime and what the possible repercussions may be for you. A sexual offence is dealt with very seriously and it can lead to being placed on the sex offenders register, so it is essential that you have a specialist sexual offence solicitor to guide you through the process. Here at ABV Solicitors our expert sexual offence solicitor will be able to advise how you should proceed to help prevent yourself from being implicated further and if you are taken to court, we will represent you to the highest standards with the help of some of the country’s leading barristers to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Let us assess the evidence

To begin with our sexual offence solicitor will hear your version of events. It is important that you are honest with us and that you provide us with as much information as possible, so that we have a full understanding of the situation. We will then review the evidence against you. We will compare your version of events to that of the complainant’s and look for inconsistencies with the complainant’s version of events and use these inconsistencies to present you in the best possible light. We will help you prepare for court and we will advise how best to testify to create reasonable doubt in advance of the trial. By creating reasonable doubt we can show that the complainant’s version of events is not credible or that they are unreliable and that their interpretation of events is not correct.

Let us put together the best defence for you

A sexual offence conviction can have severe repercussions and even result in imprisonment depending on the nature of the crime. Even if you are not convicted it can be a life-changing experience and something that you struggle with for the rest of your life. There are immediate consequences including loss of reputation, loss of standing in the community and you could lose your job. Many people even lose friends and family. It is a traumatic situation to find yourself in and for those around you. Therefore, as mentioned, If you are accused of  a sexual offence it is important that you speak to us at ABV Solicitors immediately. We have been recognised as one of the leading criminal defence solicitors in the country and our solicitor will put together the best defence for you.

R v Benjamin Mendy & Louis Matturie

Case Dropped – Sexual Assault