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R v Benjamin Mendy & Louis Matturie

13 January 2023

Law courts London United Kingdom

Benjamin Mendy and Louis Matturie Trial – Chester Crown Court – 13th January 2023

Robert Borwick and Hanisha Godhania of ABV Solicitors represented Louis Saha Matturie, the co-accused of Benjamin Mendy, in the high profile case before Chester Crown Court which began in August 2022.

Mr Matturie was acquitted  of 5 counts of rape and 1 count of sexual assault.  Three of these acquittals were  at the direction of the Judge during the trial and three were unanimous not guilty verdicts from the jury.  The jury could not reach verdicts on the remaining allegations and these matters will be tried at a later date.

Mr Matturie thanks the jury for their careful consideration of the evidence which was in the media spotlight for five months.

Mr Matturie maintains his innocence and looks forward to clearing his name in relation to the outstanding allegations.

As proceedings are ongoing, we, nor Mr Matturie are able to comment any further at this stage.

ABV Solicitors instructed Lisa Wilding KC(23 Essex Street) and Merry Van Woodenberg (2 Hare Court) to represent Mr Matturie.

For further information about this matter, speak to Robert Borwick or Hanisha Godhania on 0344 587 9996.

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