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A sexual offence solicitor for sensitive allegations
19 Apr 2021

It is imperative that you find the right professional, with experience and knowledge in this field to be able to properly handle allegations of this nature. An accusation regarding rape, sexual exploitation or child abuse can leave severe lasting marks on an individual’s identity for life and it can not only affect their relationships with others, but their friends and family may also find themselves judged poorly for their association.

Should these accusations be false, or blown out of proportion as is frequently tried by the prosecution, then this is even more devastating.

A sexual offence solicitor can give you the right advice at the right time, being readily available 24/7 for you to answer questions and be present at the police station when you need them to be. Having a professional available at all times can significantly reduce the stress factor in your life and give you peace of mind by knowing that your situation is more under control than it could be.

We work swiftly to back up your side of the story with facts, providing evidence where we can such as forensic and medical data as well as CCTV footage. A sexual offence solicitor has the tools and resources, as well as the connections necessary to gather such information in the shortest amount of time possible, limiting the risk of exposure of your case to the media before we are able to make sense of the situation that we are in.

Why it is important to contact us as soon as possible

If you contact a sexual offence solicitor as soon as you are able to, this will greatly increase your chances of having a more successful outcome. This is because a lot of the proceedings are influenced by the early stages of an investigation and therefore, with an appropriate response, we are able to have a positive influence on your case.

By putting an experienced team in place for your defence and taking immediate and proactive steps in sourcing information and defending your rights, we are able to make a strong stand against the decision to pursue prosecution in a number of cases.

For you, this means that you might be able to quickly eliminate these threats to your wellbeing and liberty, simply by making full use of the defence that you are entitled to. It comes down to the experience and willingness of your solicitor in being able to make this impact for you and this is where we stand out.

If you are serious about ensuring that any sexual offence allegations that have been laid upon you are not going to have a lasting impact on your future, then you need to contact a professional with an outstanding reputation as soon as possible so that you have the best chance there is at reducing the sentence or eliminating it altogether.

Give us a call if you believe you might benefit from our services and we will gladly assist in whatever way that we can.

What can a sexual offence solicitor do?

Your sexual offence solicitor is protecting your best interests