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Why it is important to have a fraud solicitor at a police interview
25 May 2020

An interview at the police station under any circumstances can be a frightening prospect, but even more so if you are facing a criminal charge such as a fraud allegation. Having the presence of a fraud solicitor to accompany you is a form of protection and surety that your rights will be protected. The interview at the police station forms a critical part of the investigation and the prosecution is allowed to use anything said during this time in building their case. At ABV Solicitors we like to think that our support at a police interview helps our clients feel more confident in the process that they will undergo.

In addition to this emotional line of support, a professional and qualified fraud solicitor is able to impart crucial information to their client that includes legal information (laws and processes), as well as information pertaining to the client’s individual case – details that the police may be reluctant to disclose but will have to, to a fraud solicitor.

The role of solicitors for fraud in defending fraud cases

There is always the possibility that the rights of a person under investigation can be violated even in an interview at the police station. The presence of a solicitor for fraud ensures that the police follow due process and that the rights of their clients are not infringed. For example, some types of questions asked by the police during an interview are reasonable and allowed, but there are those questions that are often asked but solicitors would advise their clients against answering. Anything that is said whilst in an interview at the police station, it must be remembered, can be used against a defendant in the courtroom.

It is not in the interests of the police to inform a person under investigation of all the specific details of their case. By withholding certain information it becomes incredibly difficult for the person accused of a crime to put up a solid defence. An experienced solicitor for fraud will know what questions to ask, to glean all the relevant information from the police about their client’s case.

It is the job of fraud solicitors to ascertain the strength of the evidence against their client. They will know how to argue against the evidence presented. How well they perform this role can have a direct impact on the level of charges against their client and the outcome of a court proceeding – does the client serve a jail sentence or face a financial penalty?

Of course the benefits of having a solicitor for fraud extend beyond the police station interview. If your case heads to the court you will want to know that you have a competent solicitor to represent you. Make sure to give us a call at ABV Solicitors if you find yourself faced with a HMRC investigation, FCA investigation or money laundering allegation.

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