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How to choose the right fraud solicitor
18 May 2020

When a criminal charge that involves fraud is laid against you, you will want the very best fraud solicitor to represent you. Unless you pick the right fraud solicitor with the exact skill set and first-hand experience that is required by your specific case, you run the risk of facing the most serious of consequences.

If your case is unprecedented in nature, finding a fraud solicitor that has successfully defended a variety of major fraud crimes is your only way to ensure you receive a fair case in the courtroom. Our solicitors at ABV Solicitors are backed by excellent professional reputations and they have represented clients in a diverse array of criminal investigations and charges, from SFO investigations to prosecutions relating to trading standards.

 Tips on how to find the right solicitor for fraud

As anyone who has had to face criminal charges will know, the ensuing investigative process and time spent in court has the potential to be incredibly overwhelming and emotionally taxing. Much of this stress can be alleviated with knowing that you have a solicitor for fraud with solid experience and profound legal knowledge to protect your rights. Such a solicitor will make sure that the police follow the law to the letter during their investigations, whether it is collecting documents for evidence or interviewing witnesses.

Here’s how to search for a reliable trusted solicitor for fraud:

There is a difference in generic searches for services online and using filters to find the perfect match. The use of filters allows you to find the legal services you require quickly without wasting precious time and energy strolling through countless law firms. Some of the most useful filters you can use include specific areas of law the legal practitioners specialise in, whether they belong to a regulating body such as the Law Society, and the office location.

You have to be clear on the area of law you need legal help with. A lawyer dealing with family law may not be the best lawyer to hire for a criminal case involving HMRC investigations.

Once you have found a law firm you think fits your needs, it is a good idea to get in touch with them and ask for client testimonials. Often prospective clients are hesitant to enquire about past client experiences, but this is a great way to find out how a particular law firm deals with their clients. A reputable law firm that shows confidence in being able to help you will be eager to showcase a positive track record. The solicitor you hire will want to see all relevant documents pertaining to your case, so it is a good idea to gather these before meeting with them.

Why suffer needless emotional and mental stress when the legal team consisting of solicitors for fraud at ABV Solicitors are available to help. Our legal practitioners are available 24 hours, seven days a week, to help clients in their legal matters, so why not give us a call?

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