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Who are ABV Solicitors?
23 Dec 2020

We are a committed team if ever you should have the need of a fraud solicitor. We work hard to represent our clients when they are facing serious and complicated fraud cases. We work with the mindset of looking after your rights and protecting your interests. We deal with a wide range of fraud cases through a number of different services, some of which will be discussed in the next section of this article. We can be there for you right from the first interaction with law enforcement right up to trial if necessary. It is vital that you get the best help and advice at your earliest convenience. The earlier that you can seek the help that you need the more assistance can be offered. This is because the earlier stages of the investigation can have a dramatic effect on the outcome. We have a highly trained team behind us so we can best support you in your time of need. As mentioned, this article will run through what services we offer as well as what you should do next, should you decide that we are the practice for you.

What services do you offer?

If you require the services of a fraud solicitor then there are a number of different services that we offer. We can offer you support in any interactions with the Serious Fraud Office. This is available alongside help with compulsion notices, FCA investigation and boiler room fraud. Money laundering accusations are something that we can assist with alongside support with HMRC investigations and accusations of immigration fraud. Another of the services that we offer is dealing with unexplained wealth orders and restraint orders.

Corporate facilitation and trading standards cases are also something that we can give you our advice or expertise on. We can also offer you support and advice when it comes to dealing with the police at the police station. If one of these areas sounds like something you could benefit from, then you should consider reading on to the next section to see how we can best support you in your time of need.

What should I do next?

Having read about who we are as a practice and what services we offer, you may have decided if we are the practice for you. If you think that, we, here at ABV Solicitors, could be the right fraud solicitor for you, then you should consider getting in contact with us, so we can begin to put measures in place to support you as you go through your legal proceedings. We are a friendly team who will ensure that you are given all of the support and quality advice that you require to successfully combat your case. We have the necessary expertise that we will use alongside the experience we have gathered to help you in the most  efficient way possible. If you have any questions about how we run our practice then you could check out our website or get in contact with us directly so we can help. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in your case. We will be there for you when you require our services most.

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