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What services does a fraud solicitor provide?
02 Mar 2022

If there has been an unexpected raid or arrest made within your business, you might be wondering what the next step is. You may also have an upcoming interview regarding criminal or quasi-criminal offences and not be sure where to go for help. It might be time to look into hiring a fraud solicitor.

Here at ABV Solicitors, we want you to be in the best possible shape during these instances. Providing you with accurate information and support during otherwise stressful situations is extremely important to us.

If you think you’re in need of a fraud solicitor, look no further than below to see the kind of problems we can help with.

SFO investigations

Situations where you might be investigated by the SFO, also known as the Serious Fraud Office, can range from fraud and corruption to bribery and rigging of the financial markets. If your business is in a position where it is being investigated by this branch, you must have a knowledgeable and experienced fraud solicitor to advise you through it. We can help you through every stage and provide services in both sensitive and diligent ways. Our solicitors have all the skills necessary to help you get a favourable outcome.

FCA investigations

The Financial Conduct Authority takes care of the conduct across a large amount of business. Regardless of whether or not your business is regulated, it is entirely possible that you will face an investigation from the FCA. The investigation will begin with an invitation to an interview, in which knowledge and experience are essential. Our solicitors can help you avoid enforcement action, ranging from fines all the way to suspension and making public announcements. Working with the FCA in a quick and accessible manner through our fraud solicitors can potentially help avoid any escalations.

Money laundering

If your business is suspected of money laundering or you would like to avoid any investigation at all, here at ABV Solicitors, we can provide advice and information to help. The Proceeds of Crime Act (2002) covers all criminal conduct, including cash, money transfers and other property. We offer help to both individual and corporate clients who may be suspected of breaking the Money Laundering Regulations and act fast during any investigation stage.

Corporate facilitation

In the event that your business has been invited to an interview regarding tax evasion, our solicitors are here to act fast and offer any information or advice you might need. If you’re just looking to avoid breaching any of the facilitations under The Criminal Finances Act (2017), we can also provide advice that will help to protect you and your business and prevent you from suffering within the new legislation.

Investment fraud

There is a large variety of investment fraud types, but here at ABV solicitors, we are ready and waiting to tackle any case. Due to the consequences of this crime being so severe, it is imperative that you seek our skilful and precise knowledge. Ranging from Carbon Credit Fraud to Land Banking Fraud to Fine Art Fraud, we can help.

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