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FAQs answered by our fraud solicitor
03 Mar 2022

When your company or business is under investigation for fraud, you need an expert team to support you.

At ABV Solicitors, our fraud solicitor has extensive knowledge relating to the defence of those accused of fraud and will work hard to fight your case.

Here, we answer some common FAQs that our fraud solicitor receives relating to sentencing and regulations in the UK.

Why do I need specialist advice if I’m accused of fraud?

You will need the advice of our fraud solicitor because the restraint of assets, confiscation proceedings and associated legal actions can have a devastating impact on your business.

Our expert team at ABV Solicitors understands the damage that an allegation or investigation relating to fraud can have on your business and we will aim to minimise it as much as possible.

We will also liaise to ensure that your business suffers no ill effects due to these proceedings, so you will not lose money.

Will I go to jail?

Fraud allegations in the UK are very serious. And if they are linked to your business and other areas such as investor fraud, this is paramount to serious theft.

While we cannot state whether or not you will go to jail, our professional team will work hard to ascertain all of the facts about your case and to have any charges dropped if possible. If you are charged and the case goes to court, we will defend you and will once again liaise with other legal professionals to have custodial sentences reduced and fines placed instead. Depending on the severity of the charges, this may not be possible, but we will always be open with you from the initial meeting as to the most likely outcome.

Which court will oversee the trial?

This depends on the seriousness of the fraud allegation.

So, your case will either be sent to the Magistrates’ Court or the Crown Court. Either way, our team will work hard to defend your case and will liaise with the required legal professionals to mitigate any potential damage to your company. We will also aim to have any custodial sentences against you reduced if possible.

What is the penalty for business fraud in the UK?

According to the Fraud Act, if your company or employees have committed an offence relating to possession, creation or supply of articles of fraud, then this is punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

The amount of loss and the nature of the fraud is reflected in the sentence. Your company may also receive a fine of an unlimited amount and, in cases of investment fraud, need to pay reparations to those affected.

How can you help me with this allegation?

Our team at ABV Solicitors has extensive experience in defending companies that have been accused of fraudulent practices.

As mentioned before, we will work with you at the police station, during police interviews and will aim to have any charges that are levied against you dropped. Should you be charged and go to trial, we will defend you. We will also liaise with legal teams to have sentences reduced or, if you are sentenced to a custodial sentence, we will work to have it cut short.

What services does a fraud solicitor provide?

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