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The role of a fraud solicitor in achieving a positive outcome for you
08 Aug 2022

If you have been accused of fraudulent behaviour, then it is important that you speak to us at ABV Solicitors, so that we can delegate a fraud solicitor who specialises in defending fraud allegations to help you through the process. We have been dealing with high profile fraud crimes for many years and have a proven track record for some of the highest quality defence cases in the country. We are experienced in dealing with tax fraud, credit fraud, high value mortgage fraud and money laundering.

The complexities of fraud

Fraud cases involve extensive paperwork in the form of evidence and documentation. There is a significant amount of work necessary in the preparation of putting forward a defence and we have strong links with some of the best barristers in the country to help put together a strong defence for you. Here, at our firm, we have been recognised as one of the top legal practices in the country and by involving our fraud solicitor from the outset we can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Our fraud solicitor will provide you with specialist legal advice at each step of the process. When you are first placed under arrest or called in for questioning we can help make the difference between whether or not you are charged for the allegations that are made against you. We will find out exactly what allegations have been made and discuss this with you to find out your version of events, then we will advise how you should proceed with the authorities. The initial stages are very important in determining the outcome of your case. If you are charged we will represent you in court to the best of our ability.

Penalties and sentencing

The penalties if you are found guilty of fraud are set down by the Sentencing Council. They are highly specific and work with regard to your culpability, the extent that you are involved in the crime and the harm that you have caused the victim or the potential harm that you could have caused the victim. The sentencing will also take into account the impact the crime has had on the victim’s life in general. The sentencing will also take into account the aggravating breaches. It will consider whether or not you have previous convictions, which could extend the sentencing, or whether or not you have carried out a similar offence before, which will also be detrimental to you. The sentencing will take into consideration mitigating circumstances such as character witnesses, good character or factors affecting your mental health. After taking everything into consideration the judge will decide on a sentence which is a reflection of the effect of the crime, the culpability and the mitigating circumstances. The involvement of our fraud solicitor from the beginning will ensure that any penalties or sentencing are minimal and we will aim to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. Speak to us today to find out more about fraud charges and how we can help put together a strong defence for you.

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