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Fraud by false representation
15 Aug 2022

Fraud is a crime of dishonesty and deception. The Fraud Act 2006 section 1 states that a person is guilty of fraud if they are in breach of any of the actions listed in subsection 2, which describes different ways of committing the crime. These actions include fraud by false representation, fraud by failing to disclose information and fraud by abuse of position. Fraud by false representation is a serious criminal offence and holds a maximum penalty of 10 years. This is when a person dishonestly makes a false representation either for his own financial gain, to cause financial loss to another or to expose another person to a risk of loss.

There are a wide range of crimes which can be listed under fraud by false representation. A key example includes lying about personal circumstances for financial gain. Benefit fraud has been a huge problem here in the UK over the last few years and entails deliberately claiming benefits that you are not entitled to by false representation, stating that you have less money or a lower income than you actually do. To do the opposite is also a crime, for instance providing false information and claiming that you earn more money than you actually do to apply for a mortgage, credit card or loan is fraud by false representation. Selling an item under false pretences or selling an item that doesn’t belong to you without permission are both fraud by false representation. More examples include using a credit card that does not belong to you or using a membership card that belongs to someone else to gain access to places such as gyms and clubs.

How to deal with a fraud allegation

There are many different situations that you may find yourself in. Here, at our firm, we understand that you may have unwittingly committed fraud by false representation as a result of a mistake or misunderstanding of the circumstances or due to a difficult situation you may have carried out a deliberate attempt to commit the crime. Whichever circumstance you find yourself in, our fraud solicitor is here to help you. A fraud allegation can be a very difficult situation to find yourself in and we are here to help achieve the best possible outcome for you.

If you receive a letter asking you to attend an interview under caution, then it is vital that you speak to our fraud solicitor immediately, as it means you might be suspected of fraud. Our fraud solicitor will find out more about your personal circumstances and your version of events as to why you may be accused of fraud, to help prepare you for the interview so that you do not implicate yourself any further. We can be present with you at the police station and we will work with you until we reach a conclusion for your case. With our guidance and expertise we will help ease each step of the process, making sure that all steps are taken correctly and in a timely manner, preventing any complications or unnecessary delays which may affect your case or prolong your case. Speak to our fraud solicitor at ABV Solicitors today to find out more.

The role of a fraud solicitor in achieving a positive outcome for you

The impacts of a fraud allegation