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The importance of legal assistance from a fraud solicitor
04 Jul 2022

Fraud crime is described as being a deceptive and illegal activity that is carried out for monetary gain at the expense of another person, company, organisation or community. There are different types of fraud crimes, and they can be carried out on many different levels. If you have been accused of committing a fraud crime, it is important that you speak to our team at ABV solicitors regardless of whether you are guilty or not so that we can assign a fraud solicitor for you with experience in defending allegations of fraud.

The role of our fraud solicitor

Here at ABV solicitors, you can be confident that our team has the knowledge, experience and resources to create a strong defence for your case. We are recognised as one of the top defence solicitors in the country, and we will defend your case to the best of our abilities. Our fraud solicitor will be dedicated to your defence, as these cases usually consist of thousands of pages of paperwork in the form of evidence and legal documents. Such cases also require plenty of time and effort in preparation in order to put forward a strong defence and achieve a positive outcome.

Making sure you speak to us at ABV solicitors as soon as you are either called in for questioning or placed under arrest can have a crucial impact on the outcome of your case. Although you may be flustered or panicked at the time, it is important to remember that the police are obliged to remind you of your right to contact a solicitor at the start of the interview.

Our fraud solicitor can be present at the police station immediately and will be present with you during your interview under caution, which will set the scene for the remainder of your case. Our fraud solicitor is highly experienced in the situation and will know what to expect. This can make the difference between being charged or set free, and if you are charged, it can make a difference as to whether you are found guilty in court or not. A fraud conviction can have serious implications on all aspects of your life from the onset, but with the assistance and advice of our fraud solicitor, we will try to ease the process for you. Speak to us at ABV solicitors today to find out more.

The penalties for fraud crimes are set by the Sentencing Council guidelines, and they are very specific. These guidelines are based on the culpability of the client, the amount of money involved, and the impact and harm that the crime causes to the victim. It also takes into account your background, history and whether or not you have had any previous convictions. We will help look for mitigating circumstances, good character references and evidence to support your case, including witnesses where possible to allow the case to be closed in your favour. Speak to us at ABV Solicitors immediately and let us help you.

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