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24 May 2021

When the worst happens and you have been wrongly accused of fraud you do not need to panic or do anything rash. At ABV Solicitors we are here to ensure that you have the highest chances of obtaining the results that you are striving for when it comes to presenting your case. A lot of people will try and avoid using a fraud solicitor for as long as possible, but in reality putting it off is only going to damage your case and lessen your chances of getting the results that you want. We believe that the initial stages of investigation are the most important period, and we also offer advice to company directors and businesses who believe that one or more of their employees is taking part in fraudulent activity.

What types of legal services are there that are related to fraud?

A lot of people are not aware of the extent to which a fraud solicitor can really help them. At ABV Solicitors we offer representation and advice on all sorts of issues relating to fraud including things such as money laundering, HMRC tax investigations and unexplained wealth orders. We can provide advice for you if you are being interviewed at the police station under caution, as it is your legal right to seek legal advice and representation if you wish to do so. If the worst should happen and you are detained or suspended from your work but unable to let them know, we will contact them on your behalf to inform them of what has happened so that you have one less thing to worry about. Our fraud solicitors can also offer representation and advice when it comes to things such as restraining orders and immigraton fraud, which can sometimes be incredibly sensitive issues to discuss.

How to get in touch

Getting in touch with our fraud solicitor is easier than you think. You can arrange to have an appointment with one of our team through our website, by calling us or in person at our premises. It is important that you make your appointment for a time that is convenient to you as it is likely to be an in-depth conversation which could take some time. Once you are a client with us we will be available to you twenty-four hours of the day, whenever you need us, and will do whatever we can to make the entire process less stressful for you. It is important that when you are contacting our solicitors for defence against any allegations you do so as soon as possible, to ensure that you have the best possible chance of getting the outcome that you desire. Delaying contacting us could result in charges or convictions that dramatically change the circumstances of your lifestyle. In some cases people will not be able to return to work and could severely damage their reputation, putting people off doing business with them in the future. We offer representation nationwide too, so there is no need to panic if you do not live locally to our main offices.

How can our fraud solicitor help you with immigration fraud?

What is fraud?